Nail Colors for the Winter Season

Women are into nails as they are with their lips. This is why they also love to color their nails. But that is not all. Nail art is also getting popular these days. As long as they can make their nails look pretty and neat women will try it out.

This winter, there are several colors that perfectly match the season. And today you will learn about them. Even famous celebrities are sporting these colors.

  • Navy Blue
    This dark shade of blue was popular several years back. And now the rising stars of today are sporting it again. Navy blue is getting much attention this winter thanks to stars like Kristen Stewart during the premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Lea Michelle during the Emmy Awards. There are also several versions like pure navy blue and the metallic one sported by Kristen Stewart.
  • Pastel Purple
    A lighter shade of purple is also becoming a popular nail color this winter. The pastel purple which can be mistaken for a dull pink or lavender is a great nail color this season of cold weather.
  • Classic Red
    If there is a nail color that will never get out of season it has to be the color red. The vibrant color would match just about anything and would even stand out more when you wear rings with rubies. For clothes, black is the ideal one when sporting the red nail polish. A good example is Jessica Alba when she wore a black Armani. Berry red is a good alternative.
  • Maroon
    The maroon nail polish could be one of the best nail colors for winter. This one is more suited for a white dress which shares the same color as the snow. The dark shade also makes the nails stand out more.
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark chocolate is not only good for the body; it is also a great nail color for the winter. Like maroon, the dark shade is perfect when wearing light colored clothes such as white. There is also another version where gold polish is combined with the dark chocolate adding an artistic touch to the nail polish.
  • Muted Gold
    Gold has attracted the attention of many due to its physical property. And now women would love the color to be on their nails. You can go with beige gold for a more subtle look or go metallic gold for a more vibrant nail color.

After all to polishing and coloring of your nails it is important to provide nourishment to them to keep your nails from getting damage from constant polishing. A good nail care treatment is Argan oil. This oil is reach in vitamin E which helps strengthen the nail and will keep it naturally vibrant.

Just remember to mix the argan oil with lemon to lessen its strong odor. Massage it on your nails for 15 minutes or until everything is absorbed. It is important to do this whenever you polish your nails since nail polish could contain chemicals that could weaken your nails.

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