Nail Facts: The Secrets to Healthy Nails

Except for manicures and pedicures most women neglect thinking about nail nutrition and proper nail care. Made from layers of protein called keratin, the nails are important parts of the body. They are often used but are often neglected as well. Keeping the nails healthy will also help to keep the nails beautiful and strong. So if all you really do to care for nails is to have a manicure or pedicure every once in a while then you need to work more on your nails. Here are some practical nail facts to help you get better nails.

Nail problems to watch out for:

When these symptoms are noticed in your nails you should consult your doctor to rule out certain serious problems.

  • Beau’s lines – obvious indentations that run across the nails.
  • Nail discoloration – yellowish color of the nails for example maybe due to an underlying health problem.
  • Onycholysis – a nail problem that causes the nail to separate from the nail bed.
  • Opaque nails – or nails that turn white in color.
  • Curled nails – this is not normal as nails should be naturally straight.
  • Nail pitting – small depressions seen on the surface of the nails.

Tips for proper nail care:

Following these tips will help you get better looking nails and most important of all will help you get healthier nails.

  • It is not healthy to abuse your nails. Your nails are not tools that you should use to scrape on things, used to open sealed items, or used to poke or pick on things.
  • It is not healthy to bite your nails. Biting your nails will distort the normal growth of your nails. It would be better to stop nail biting as early as you can to save the nails and also the teeth.
  • Always keep the nails dry and clean. It pays to wash your hands and nails often but you should also pat them dry afterwards. Both actions will prevent bacteria and other organisms to grow on the nails.
  • Get the right shoes. For your toe nails it helps to buy the right shoes not just for your feet but also for your nails. The right size, shape, and material of your shoes will help to protect your nails. The right foot wear will also prevent excessive pressure on toenails.
  • It is best to moisturize frequently. Using argan oil as a moisturizer will help your nails grow better and healthier. Argan oil which comes from the southwestern parts of Morocco is composed of vitamins and minerals that are very healthy for the nails. A few drops of this oil applied to nails each night will be enough to make a big difference in the growth of your nails.

Proper care of your nails will help you to achieve wonderful and healthier nails. You don’t have to spend too much to get the nails that you deserve. With these simple tips you are on your way to having healthy nails.

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