Artificial Require Substantial Care To Last Long

Nail Health: Nail Care Tips for Artificial Nails

Do you care about your nail health?

Why Care About Your Nail Health?

Nails, these days, are considered an accessory. Its main function is to look good. But the truth is the nails serve a number of physiological functions. Nails actually improve fine touch, and fine motor skills. Plus they protect the fingers and toes too. Nails can also indicate serious underlying health conditions and doctors actually examine them to look for underlying health problems. For example, clubbed nails – which is a condition wherein fingers or toes become thick and the nails wrap around them – is a sign of chronic lung and heart problems. With all of these important functions of the nails, it is only right that we care for them properly. Doctors also may examine them for indications of serious underlying diseases; for example, clubbed nails (a condition in which fingers or toes thicken and the nails wrap around them) is a classic sign of chronic lung and heart disorders. For these reasons, it’s important to care about your nail health. Here are some nail care tips if you have artificial nails to help keep your natural nails healthy.

7 Nail Care Tips for Artificial Nails

  1. To ensure that you don’t have any sensitivity or allergic reaction to the materials used in artificial nails, have one nail done as a test. Wait for a few days to see if you develop any reaction.
  2. If your natural nail or the skin around it is infected or irritated, hold off applying an artificial nail first. You should let the infection heal first. It is best to see a doctor as he or she may prescribe you with medications to help address the infection.
  3. If you are taking care of applying the artificial nails yourself, make sure that you read and understand the directions included in the packet and follow these directions carefully. It is also best to keep the ingredient list for your doctor should you experience an allergic reaction or any nail injury.
  4. Handle your artificial nails with care. Although artificial nails may be stronger than your natural nails, they are not indestructible. They can break and separate from your natural nail which can lead to infection. So try your best not to bump or knock them. You may need to find alternative methods in doing ordinary tasks such as using a pen in dialing or pressing on the numbers on your phone.
  5. If it happens that an artificial nail separates, dip your fingertip into rubbing alcohol before reattaching the artificial nail. This will help clean the space between your natural nail and artificial nail therefore preventing infection.
  6. In doing nail repairs, never use household glues. Use products that are specifically intended for use on the nails and make sure that you follow directions carefully.
  7. You may love wearing artificial nails but it is best to not wear them for more than 3 months at a time. You should also give your natural nails a rest for at least one month.
Care about your nail health most especially if you are wearing artificial nails. Be sure to follow these nail care tips to ensure that your natural nails remain healthy!


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