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How Can Your Nails Reveal Health Issues?

When you look at your nails, they may have certain shapes, colors and features that stand out in your mind. As you age, your nails will change with their environment and reveal your health issues as well. Explore some of the basic nail issues that can tell you more about your current, health state.

Vertical-Ridge Appearances

White lines that appear as ridges along the vertical length of your nails are normally attributed to growing older. In most cases, don’t worry about these lines meaning anything other than aging has begun. Rare cases, however, might indicate some deficiency, such as:

• Magnesium

• Vitamin B12

Visiting your doctor to verify these deficiencies is preferable. With a clean bill of health, you’ll know that the ridges don’t mean anything for your medical situation.

White Discolorations

Your nails go through a lot of stress in a given day. Analyze your nails each day, and you might notice some white discolorations. These dots, lines or other shapes are simply indicators of damage to the nail bed. You’ll heal so that the white color slowly fades away.

If those white colors don’t fade, it’s possible that a fungal infection is present. Use argan oil on your nails each week so that the area remains balanced between cleanliness and moisturizing properties. Fungi won’t be able to replicate in those conditions.

Cracked Nails

Although trauma can obviously create cracked nails, chronic issues must be addressed by a medical professional. Brittle or dry nails can mean a number of things, including:

• Thyroid disease

• Deficiency in vitamins A, C or Biotin

• Fungal infection

Try to use rubber gloves when you clean with chemicals or wash the dishes. Cracked nails often occur during these chores as well.


Yellow Hues

Yellow nails aren’t uncommon because they often occur after nail-polish use. Be aware of extremely yellow nails that might indicate these issues, such as:

• Bronchitis

• Thyroid disease

• Psoriasis

• Diabetes

• Fungal infection

Dark Colors

One of the most concerning nail colors is a dark purple or black hue. Unless you’ve physically damaged your nail for blood to be trapped underneath it, the doctor must determine if the color is caused by cancer growths. Don’t overlook this nail flaw because its presence might alert you to an early onset of cancer instead of advanced issues.

Maintain Nails With Argan Oil And Other Tips

Take care of your nails with these simple tips, including:

• Filing the edges in one direction

• Don’t bite your nails or cuticles

Your nails also benefit from argan oil that’s simply rubbed onto the fingertips and cuticles. This essential oil moisturizes the entire area, which leads to stronger nails. Add argan oil to your hair as well so that both areas shine with strength.

Have you discovered something about your nails that you want to share? Learn more about your experience by writing it down in the comment section below. When everyone discusses their concerns, you’ll discover even more about your body and overall health.


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