Nail Infections Can Be Very Painful

Nail Infections

The topic of nail infections may make many squirm especially with visual aid and as well take extra care of their nails. Not many know about the various nail infections that many suffer from. Here is a list of infections of the nails.

Nail Infections

  • Paronychia Infection – This infection of the nail folds is caused either by bacteria, fungi and also viruses. The nail folds serve as a barrier between the nail plate and the tissues around it. If the nail folds suffer from a tear or a break, it becomes susceptible to infection as bacteria can easily go through the tear or break. Someone with this type of nail infection will experience pain, redness and swelling of the nail folds. One can get this infection through having their hands in water for long periods of time. This infection is also very contagious.
  • Pseudomonas Infection – The infection occurs between the natural nail plate and the nail bed. The infection can also happen between an artificial nail coating and the natural nail plate. Someone who has this type of nail infection gets a green discoloration on the nails. The green discoloration is a by-product of the infection which is due to iron compounds.The Pseudomonas bacterium loves moisture. The dead tissues in the nail plate serve as its feeding ground and the high level of moisture allows it to thrive. Having this infection can result to the darkening and softening of the nail plate covered under an artificial coating. The nail plate can be lifted from the nail bed if the bacteria has penetrated between the nail plate and nail bed.
  • Onychomycosis – This nail infection is caused by a fungus or yeast entering a tear in the nail folds and also the cuticle. People with this infection suffer from separation of the nail plate. The debris under the nail plate also becomes apparent. The nail plate is made up of a protein called keratin and keratin is what the fungus eats away. As the infection worsens, the debris gathers under the nail plate which causes its discoloration. If lect untreated, the nail plate can come off the nail bed and disintegrates.
  • Onychatrophia – This nail disease pertains to the nail plate being in atrophy. The result is nails lack lustre or they become smaller in size. usually what causes Onychatrophia is an injury or disease.

Argan Oil to Strengthen Nails

Most nail infections can be avoided. To avoid nail infections, it is best to keep them clean and dry. Strengthening the nails is also important to avoid any break or tear that would make it easier for bacteria, fungi or viruses to enter and start an infection. Apply Argan oil on your nails to strengthen them. This oil is packed with Vitamin E which is known to help keeps the nails strong and healthy. The moisturising properties of the oil also helps condition the cuticles. Well conditioned nails are less prone to splits, cracks and breaks


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