Nail Polish Trauma

Poor care usually leads to unhealthy and yellowish toenails. Frequent application of nail lacquer is another factor. Strong and harsh solutions found in nail polish and nail polish remover are causes of damage.

Let Your Nails Breathe

There are a few remedies you can take to avoid your toenails from sporting that yellowish colour thanks to your regular application of nail polish. Allow your nails to breathe! Limit applying nail polish on them. If you cannot avoid skipping nail polish, steer clear of dark colors as deeper hues tend to contribute more to the yellowing of nails. Be sure to apply a base coat of polish to act as a protective layer between your nails and the paint. Help prevent yellow nails by choosing better and high quality polishes. Also consider acetone-free nail polish remover.

Easy Regimen for Healthier Nails

There are also remedies you can find and prepare in your own home.

For Cleaning and Strengthening Nails

Hydrogen peroxide, lemon and baking soda mixture as leave in treatment. Mixture should appear lumpy and pasty when you spread it all over your nails, leave them for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water.

For Healing and Repair

Argan oil is a moisturizing nail serum. Argan oil is derived from kernels of an endemic tree to Morocco. Put a few drops on each and every nail and massage gently onto your nail bed. Consider applying the oil after removing nail polish. Removers often strip nails of its natural oils and will dry out leaving them prone to breakage, but with Argan oil and its high concentration of essential unsaturated fatty acids, nails will surely be hydrated and moisturised therefore preventing cracking.

Is it Fungal Infection?

Unfortunately, developing yellowed toenails sometimes is also a sign that a person has a fungal infection. The nails might appear quite dull at first, but eventually, they may become thick and crumbly, as infected toenails often do. To prevent this from happening, hygiene is very important. You must keep your feet clean and dry at all times, wear white, all-cotton socks, and avoid shoes that cause your feet to sweat as much. You would seriously want to avoid sporting such a pais as you may likely develop smelly feet. Avoid sharing toenail clippers and files and most especially shoes. Wear socks when using rented footwear. Use your own slippers when you are in community showers, or pool areas. Avoiding poorly fitting shoes may help.

Follow these tips if you seriously want healthier and more beautiful toenails! Now that the summer season is here, you’d be showing off your toenails more often! Don’t let yellow nail stains ruin your summer!

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