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What Are The 2018 Nail Polish Trends?

Have you looked down at your nails lately and wondered if they could look better? Your hands go through a lot of stress in a given day, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish at the same time. Good-looking nails also translate into a healthy appearance so consider these 2018 nail trends for your next manicure.

1. Customized Designs

Reserving your nails for one-color only isn’t a bold statement. Customized designs thought up by today’s talented manicurists are the best way to show off your personality. Consider these designs at your next appointment, including:

• Zigzag lines

• Diagonal styles

• Intricate designs

In fact, your manicurist can mix up a color that’s entirely your own. Create your own pastel hue with current color selections, and you’ll be trending among all of your friends. Caring for your nails is just as important as the skin or other major body area.

2. Striking Colors

Turn heads this season by selecting colors with bold hues. Some examples include:

• Bright red

• Dazzling white

• Sunny yellow

The days are only growing longer so you want to see fresh colors brightening the day. Don’t forget that bright blues can also be part of this color palette. Simply stay away from dark colors, such as navy blue and black, because they don’t highlight the spring season.

3. Dimensional Impact

Printers with 3D capabilities are more common than ever so many nail professionals are taking advantage of this technology. Add depth to your nail polish with these beauty accents, such as:

• Flower petals

• Leaf accents

• Crystal additions

Try 3D looks for those formal occasions where you want to stand out. They can be easily worked into any fashion style.


4. Going Simple

Simplicity is still possible with 2018’s polish trends. Explore these colors on your fingers or toes, such as:

• Gold

• Chrome

• Pastel selections

Light colors, including green and yellow, are primarily applied as a basic coating across your nails. If you choose any of the metal tones, however, get creative with their application. Try swirls, dots or stripes across your nails. There are endless possibilities when it comes to metal-hue applications.

5. Influencing the Look With Argan Oil

You’ve probably heard about argan oil for your skin or hair, but it’s also essential for your nails. Get to know these benefits, and add this pure oil to your manicure regimen. You’ll notice these differences, including:

• Fewer nail breakages

• Moisturized cuticles

• Thick and healthy nails

Add argan oil to your favorite hand lotion for a daily, beauty treatment. You also have the choice of soaking or dabbing the oil onto your cuticles and nails too.

At the end of the day, consider a deep-conditioning treatment by applying argan oil to your hands and wearing gloves overnight. You’ll be greeted in the morning with moisturized hands that seem to never dry out.

Visit your favorite salon today so that you can find a nail trend that works for you. Did you receive a fantastic manicure in the recent past? Share your experience with your loved ones below. The comment section is a perfect place to offer tips and suggestions as the spring season moves forward.


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