Nail Salons’ Most Guarded Secrets!

They seem to be experts in everything nail-related. You watch in awe as they manicure and pedicure your nails to perfection…a feat you can never seem to do on your own. They have all these tools that only they know how to operate. They cut and snip and polish. Oh the skill! Of course, when you need nail advice, it’s only common sense to ask your manicurist, right?

Recent studies show that there are a lot of things that your so-called nail experts don’t tell you to keep you coming back for more nail sessions. The problem with you coming back for more sessions is that you become more and more prone to infections. In the United States alone, 75 percent of salons do not follow their own protocols for disinfecting. This explains why an estimate one million clients walk out from their salon of choice with bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Here are the top things that your salons should tell you but won’t.

They Accept All Customers
So long as they will pay, nail salons will manicure and pedicure customers even those with nail infections. What’s worse, a customer may even have more than just an infection. Millions of people have diabetes, hepatitis, HIV and other infectious organisms in them.

No Blood, No Transmission. WRONG Again!
We’re not being paranoid when we said that even HIV can be transmitted from one client to another in nail salons. You may insist there is no blood but girl, while there may be no blood, this doesn’t mean you haven’t been cut. Doctors explain that breaks in the skin can be microscopic and these breaks can be portals of entry for infectious organisms.

Not All Infectious Microorganisms Can Be Disinfected in Salons
While there are infectiois microorganisms that can be easily killed through disinfection, there are those that can’t. The problem with this is that most nail technicians don’t know how to differentiate the two. For them, once dipped in disinfecting solutions, their tools are already sterilized which isn’t often the case.

Only Metal Tools Can Be Disinfected
This means tools like pumice stones, buffers and foam toe separators can be instruments of transmission as well if your salon do not replace these after every client.

Footbaths Are NOT SAFE
While salons assure their tubs are disinfected, the Center For Disease Control and Prevention still found bacteria that cause boils and rashes in most tubs.

It’s Better to Do Your Own Nails
This will definitely be the one advice you will never hear salons tell you. Doctors, however, say this is safest way to clean your nails. It may be quite expensive at first since you will have to learn the skill and buy the tools needed to do your own nails. But if this means you will be safe from possible infections from nail salons then I am sure it will be worth the trouble. Invest on quality must-haves like oils to make your nail caring experience easier. One example is Argan oil. Also known as the miracle oil from Morocco, Argan oil will strengthen and revitalize your nails as you learn the ropes of being your very own mani-pedi expert.

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