Nail Wraps: The Latest Trend in Nail Art

Although our nails may seem small, many of us pay big money just to have them looking more attractive and beautiful. It may seem petty for some, but numerous women find getting a manicure and or a pedicure very rewarding. In fact tons of women all over the world consider getting a manicure and or a pedicure as a treat or a form of pampering.

The Evolution of Nail Art

In the past nail art was strictly limited to applying a coat or two of polish of your nails in the color or tone that you want. However, in this modern time, nail art has evolved and one does not have to solely rely on polish to have their nails looking more attractive and beautiful.

Nail Wraps 101

If you love putting art on your nails, you most probably have heard of nail wraps. It may already be 2013 but nail wraps are still a big hit to many nail art enthusiasts. But what exactly are nail wraps and why are so many going gaga over this latest nail art? How and where did “nail wraps” start?

What Are They?

Nail wraps are actually self-adhesive stickers. Instead of coating fingernails and toenails with a coat or two of nail polish, when nail wraps hit the nail fashion trend, many opted to just apply these nail stickers. Nail wraps have many names. Some people call them nail stickers, nail shields while some refer to them as nail décor stickers, nail art transfers or simply nail art.

History of Nail Wraps

The nail wraps trend started in the United States. While there is still an ongoing debate as to when they first came about the general consensus believe that it was in 2008 that this nail art was invented. Nail wraps are made from self-adhesive vinyl having a laminate overlay as its protective covering.

Nail Wrap Designs

There are various designs available for nail wraps. You will find hundreds of designs ranging from animal prints, floral to metallic designs, designer effects and many more. The most well-loved nail wrap designs are animal prints, designer effects and metallic colors. If you are planning to have your nails designed with this kind of nail art, be ready to shell out about $4 to $15 for a set. Usually they can stay on your fingernails up to 2 weeks and 3 weeks on your toenails. However this may vary as environmental factors and the wrap quality will come into play.

Not All Nail Wraps Are the Same

As with everything else, you will find that not all nail wraps are the same. Some nail wraps are of high quality and some not so. It is easy to differentiate the low quality nail wraps from the high quality ones. The low quality ones are thicker and therefore less pliable. Although you will find that they are more affordable, they of course tend to come off your nails quicker compared to the brands that have a higher price tag. If you want to make sure that you only get the high quality ones, go for the thinner wraps.

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