Nasty Bugs You Can Pick Up from Nail Salons

If you frequently go to nail salons for a manicure or pedicure, foot bath and many other hand and feet pampering, you should be aware of nail salon health risks. This article is not meant to scare you or convince you to not go to nail salons anymore but rather to simply inform. This is not also to say that all nail salons are definitely dirty and crawling with various infectious diseases. This article is written to discuss the fact that there are certain health risks associated with nail salons. The industry of nail care is a booming one. Most nail salons have a steady flow of customers. Many people choose to have their nails clipped, filed, soaked in tubs and painted in nail salons. Nail salons are also most people’s go-to-place for their cuticles to get pushed and trimmed and for calluses to get buffed. With all of these cutting, buffing, filing and trimming, there are some instances that the hands and feet get nicked and cut. An open wound plus a lot of skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact can likely result to a high risk of picking up some bacteria or viruses.

Athlete’s Foot

Don’t think that athlete’s foot only affects athletes. People who are usually exposed to a moist and confined environment are at risk of getting athlete’s foot. Many nail salons offer foot baths and this means that many feet soak in their pedicure baths and not all feet that soak in these baths are clean. This fact, unfortunately, makes pedicure baths in nail salons a good breeding ground for the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. If foot tubs are not cleaned regularly between every client the risk of getting athlete’s foot is very likely.


It is very possible for you to get a contagious skin disease from a nail salon most especially if the nail salon you go to is not hygienic. With salons servicing so many hands and feet every day, the chances that some of them having warts are quite high. Warts are contagious and can be spread through skin-to skin contact. It is caused by the virus HPV or human papillomavirus and enters the body through a break in the skin. HPV has numerous strains. There is one type that can cause cervical cancer which is different from the strain that causes warts. Warts result in the overproduction of cells which is triggered by the virus. To avoid warts, make sure that the salon uses new pumice stone for each client. You may bring your own to bring down your risk of getting warts.

Swine Flu

Another virus that you can pick up from nail salons is the H1N1 virus or simply the swine flu virus. This strain of the flu virus is very contagious. Because it is a new strain most people do not have immunity yet to it. The swine flu virus gets passed on from one person to another just like the regular flu virus. If someone (whether a customer or an employee) at the nail salon has the virus and sneezes, coughs and touches a surface or makes contact with another person the virus is spread exposing the other people in the salon to the virus. These are just a few of the bugs you can get from nail salons. Like our Facebook page !