How do you Care for your Baby’s Hair?

Perfected Baby Hair Care

Your baby can emerge from the birth canal with a full head of hair or none at all. In reality, their hair ebbs and flows as the months pass by. Most babies lose their original hair and grow an entirely new hairdo.

As they grow, you’ll need to wash and condition their hair with care. Use these simple tips to care for your baby’s hair with gentle ease.

1. Thin-Hair Tips

When your baby has thin hair, you can normally see the scalp just underneath it. Care for this precious hair by simply using a small comb after bath time. In most cases, the hair is too thin to truly tangle. Use your fingers to carefully remove those unusual tangles.

A clever way to improve the hair’s appearance is by using a small amount of argan oil. A few drops of oil combed through the hair becomes a makeshift conditioner. Because this oil comes directly from the argan tree, there are no harmful additives or chemicals. Your baby’s hair will remain styled with a conditioned appearance as the oil settles into the shaft.

2. Thick-Hair Care

Thick hair poses an issue with newborns because they have no patience for your combing session. You can use argan oil as a detangler and conditioner on the hair as you carefully comb it out after the bath. Consider these other tips for thick hair, such as:

• Braiding a girl’s hair for reduced tangles

• Trimming a boy’s hair for easier styling

• Use oil or conditioner during the bath to create another detangling session without any tears

Keep an eye on the baby’s hair when you use argan oil because it should shine brilliantly in the sunlight. Your baby’s hairdo starts out with a healthy sheen when you use natural products.

Argan Oil Comes With Many Benefits

3. The Bald Period

Your precious baby may have a bald period between losing the newborn wisps and growing the permanent locks. Gently wash the baby’s scalp during bath time, but also apply a little bit of argan oil too. This natural element readily absorbs into the skin so that cradle cap doesn’t become an issue.

Cradle cap is an uncomfortable condition where skin flakes off of the baby’s head. You can avoid this frustrating condition by simply keeping argan oil on hand. Keep the bald surface protected from sunlight damage by using a cap outdoors. Your baby will have protective hair in only a few short months.

4. Avoiding Harmful Products

Before you buy any shampoos, lotions and other items for your baby, read the ingredients. There are several substances that you should avoid altogether, such as:

• Parabens

• Talc

• Proplyene glycol

Many of these substances are linked to carcinogens and chronic ailments. Ideally, you want your baby to have a pure existence for as long as possible.

Try to use natural products, including essential oils, because they’re derived from plant-based resources. Your body was designed to interact with the environment so elements from nature should be safe to use on baby and you.

Tell your friends about this article so that they can take care of their babies accordingly. They’ll only be babies for a short time period, and you want to ensure that they look spectacular with each visit. With argan oil and other natural products, your baby’s hair can look healthy and lovely with little effort.