A Simple Primer on Nail Care in 2019

Most mature women give special attention to their nails because they are an important part of your overall look.

Proper nail care is extremely important because this tissue protects the tips of the fingers and toes. Neglecting the nails can lead to unsightly appearances and possible ailments, such as infections.

Are you looking for a comprehensive look at nail care today? We have the answers to nearly every question in your mind right here.

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Initially, learn about what makes up the nail in the first place. You may be surprised to hear about the science that’s behind this tissue alone.


What are Nails Made Of?

To answer this question, you merely need to know one thing: nails are made out of keratin. This substance is found throughout the body, especially in the skin and hair.

Your nails grow from a location called the nail matrix. This area resides at the base of every nail. Cells go through keratinisation where tissue is made every single day. As the tissue grows out, the cells become the nail plate that you see on your hands and feet.

Below the nail plate is the nail bed. You’ll find capillaries for blood supply in this section. Although your nails are technically dead tissue, which is similar to your hair, they still require blood flow for nutrient replenishment.

The Difference Between Fingernails and Toenails

Do you feel like trimming your fingernails happens more often than your toes? You’re not imagining things because the nails do differ in growth patterns between the toes and fingers.

The toenails grow about 1.5 millimeters in a month. Compare this rate to fingernails at 3.5 millimeters every month. These growth patterns are typically caused by differences in use, such as typing with your fingers versus simply walking on bare feet. Your fingernails grow quickly because they’re under constant strain and stress.

Top 5 Fun Facts About Nails

Proper nail care might be serious business, but there are some unusual facts about these body parts that might amuse you. Think about these fun facts during your next nail-trimming session. The nails are truly distinct tissues.

  • Human Nails Actually Evolved From Claws

Their evolution occurred millions of years ago. As humans evolved away from common primates, nails became the norm on both the hands and feet. Everyone can pick up items with ease when claws aren’t in the way.

  • Nails Don’t Continue to Grow After Death

It’s important to dispel this myth because the nail matrix cannot magically produce new tissue. The nails only appear to grow because of the skin tissue that shrinks around the nail bed.

  • Nails Have Nerve Endings

You’re not imagining things because the nails do have some nerve endings underneath them. If pressure is applied to the nail bed, the nerves within the skin just below the keratin will respond. Cutting the nails doesn’t generate a nerve response because you aren’t dealing with the skin itself.

  • Warm Weather Encourages Faster Nail Growth Rates

There are still questions surrounding this fact, but it remains true. The summertime produces more nail growth. Scientists are still deciding why this fact is true.

It may have something to do with the increased blood flow to the upper skin layers. The body cools off by routing some blood to the upper dermis. Any extra blood flow equates to increased nourishment for the nail matrix, which might lead to longer nails.

  • Nails Appreciate the Fresh Air

If you have a habit of polishing your nails on a regular basis, take a break between beauty treatments. The tissue needs to breathe to fight off germs, such as infections.

Knowing the structure of a nail gives you an idea of the complexity involved at the anatomical level. Are you thinking about proper nail care now? What is nail care anyway? Read on to learn more.


What is Proper Nail Care?

Proper nail care involves basic hygiene of the nail bed, including:

  • Cleaning around and under the nails
  • Properly trimming the nails
  • Avoiding any rough use of the hands and feet where the nails might become damaged

The History of Nail Care

Did you know that nail care didn’t originate in this century or even in the 1900s? In fact, nail care was presumably started sometime around 3,000 B.C.

Coloring the nails was initially a status indicator. The color choice and quality of the ink told others that you were royalty or other official person of status. It was very rare for any peasants to wear polish or to care for their nails at all. There weren’t any tools or beauty products available to low-income community members.

A side effect to this status indicator was healthier nails and cuticles. Ancient people were able to fight off certain infections because their nail beds were strong.

This health concept leads us to why proper nail care is important. It’s not just a status indicator anymore. It’s a necessity for people around the world.

Why is Proper Nail Care Important?

Ignoring the nails’ health is just as neglectful as refusing to brush the teeth. You don’t want to compromise your health in any manner.

Proper nail care is important for several reasons. Take a look at this basic list below:

Preventing Infections at the Skin Level

Think about how much you might do every single day. You touch hundreds of surfaces, but it’s impossible to wash your hands after each encounter.

Your nail-care regimen prevents infections at the skin level. Trimming the nails and cuticles keeps them free from any hangnails or other damaging problems. Germs cannot impact the skin around or below the nail bed because your care tactics are sound and frequent.

Reducing Germ Spread to Rest of Body

By cleaning your nails, fewer germs are on your body. Let’s face it; the human body always has millions of bacteria and other germs that are both good and bad for the immune system. Removing the bad germs from around the nails is just a smart way to avoid the cold and flu, for example.

Fighting off Nail Conditions

Fungal and bacterial infections of the nails themselves are possible when people don’t take care of their hands and feet. By adhering to a reasonable hygiene routine, people fight off nail conditions that can be serious in nature.

Indicating Underlying Disease

Taking care of your nails will also give you a sense of normalcy. You know what looks normal on your nail plate. If issues arise that are unusual, seeing your doctor would be the next logical step.

The nail might be telling you that an underlying condition is at play, such as anemia. Deal with the disease so that your nails return to their normal appearance.

Knowing When Medications are Making an Impact

Did you know that certain medications can make an impact on the nails? They can change color and produce lines across the nail plate.

These changes will be obvious to a mature woman and her doctor. Chemotherapy, for example, is known to change the nail plate’s appearance. Allowing the nail to grow out and stopping the offending medication are the only solutions to the changes.

Many women take good care of their nails, but an issue arises anyway. How do you deal with nail or cuticle problems?

Explore some of the solutions that the experts have found over the years. Everyone will respond in a unique way so be patient with the process. The nails are complex tissues at their core.


What are Nail and Cuticle Problems and How can I Solve Them?

For such a small area, the nails seem to have a lot of potential ailments. Explore these problems and how to solve them in little time.


Nails should usually have a pink tinge, which is a reflection of the blood supply in the nail bed. If the nails turn white, yellow or another color, there’s normally an underlying reason. Trauma, medication use or drug habits are normally to blame.

Brittle or Dry Nails

Nails that seem to crack or break with a change of the wind can occur for several reasons. Inadequate nutrition, dry hands, poor circulation and other issues must be addressed so that the nails can grow without brittle conditions. Read more about brittle nails in our latest article, 2019’s Brittle-Nail Care Guide With Natural Solutions

Nail Infections

Whether the infection is bacterial or fungal, a neglectful beauty routine is normally to blame. Clean the nails on a daily basis to reduce the occurrence of these infections.

Toenail Fungus

Yellow toenails with inflammation are hallmarks of a fungus infection. Moist conditions within the shoe and sock are normally the causes. Keeping the feet dry and using vinegar to kill off the fungus are the safest bets.

Ingrown Nail

Toenails that curve into the skin and seem to get stuck there are called ingrown nails. Don’t trim the nails so low. Allow them to grow slightly out from the nail bed.

Cuticle Inflammation

This inflammation may be an infection caused by a Staph microbe. Keep up with a regular, nail-care routine. Ask your doctor about an appropriate medication to rid the body of the infection.

Lifted Nail Plate

When your nails appear white and don’t adhere very well to the bed below, this condition is called a lifted nail plate. Avoid nail polishes with formalin and rough treatment of the fingers. The nail should heal over time otherwise.

Cracked Cuticles

Peeling or cracking cuticles are common when you have dry hands. Don’t pick at the cuticle. Simply apply a moisturizer whenever possible. The skin should respond with a smoother appearance than before.

You might be wondering about which tools are the best types for your nails and cuticles. Do you have a beauty toolkit? If not, explore these selections for your own personal collection.


Nail-Care Kit Checklist

Get ready for a checklist that will improve anyone’s beauty regimen when it comes to nail care. These items are critical to beautiful hands:

Plastic Containers

Two containers that fit your fingers for manicures and both feet for pedicures are absolutely mandatory. Choose durable and smooth plastic that can be washed with ease.

Nail File

Buy several files for your collection. They should have a varied range of uses, including coarse and fine textures.

Cuticle Clipper

Most experts agree that you shouldn’t cut your cuticles on a regular basis. However, clippers for those frustrating hangnails are important.

Top and Base Coats

Every woman needs clear coats that are designed for the nail plate and protecting the chosen color above. Be sure that the clear coats are marked as either top or base because there is a distinction.

Vibrant Colors

Pick out a handful of different colored polishes for your nails. Most high-quality polishes are made of safe ingredients that can strengthen the nail plate.

Nail-Polish Remover

Nail polish will take a long time to come off as it chips away. Remove the color and clear coats with a remover product. Allow your nails to breathe between color applications too.

Nail Brush

A nail brush is a compact item that can whisk away dirt and debris. Gently slide it across your fingers for the best results.

Lotion or Oil

Everyone’s hands will have dry periods, especially during the winter. Carry around hand lotion for those particular moments.

You might also consider an oil for deep moisturizing. Argan oil is a product that can make a difference among dry-hand sufferers.

Cuticle Pusher

You don’t have to push your cuticles back as this tool implies. It’s better used as a cleaning tool. Remove dead skin around and underneath the nails so that they have a beautiful appearance.


Always keep a buffer on hand because it complements your filing activities. Use the buffer to create shiny yet soft nails.

With your checklist filled out, it’s time to explore other options. Did you know that nail salons have a wide assortment of services for every woman?

Learn more about today’s beauty services so that you can decide on the best plan for your nail care.


Products and Services Offered by Nail Salons

Finding time to tend to your fingers and toes isn’t always possible. Professional help is a common choice among mature women.

Nail salons provide nearly every service you can imagine, including assistance for the hair and skin.

Explore the various products and services found at your local nail salon. They can supplement your personal habits at home.

Cleanliness Counts

The first thing you should look for in a nail salon is their cleanliness factor. Be aware of these items, including:

  • Spotless floors
  • Gloves worn by technicians
  • Disinfecting process for the tools

Read over reviews before visiting a salon too. No one should complain about pain or cleanliness. The best salons have returning customers with glowing reviews.

Services at Top Salons

There are dozens of different services at top salons. Gel manicures, spa treatments, French manicures and many more choices are available to discerning women.

Ask about dry spas, steam rooms and facials as complements to your nail-care regimen. The skin’s health is closely related to nail health.

At the very core, a salon provides basic manicures and pedicures. They should have comfortable chairs with foot baths at each one. A motor creates bubbles in the water so that the feet can relax during the service.

Top salons around the nation will normally have a full house every day. They’ll offer dozens of different services with a smile. A clean space should always greet you too.

Top Products Today

Did you know that some of the top products today aren’t nail polishes at all? Nail prints and shiners are two products that thrill women in 2018.

The prints adhere to the nail with a unique appearance in every pattern. Shiner products give the nail a glorious look without a lot of chemicals involved.

Every nail-polish manufacturer is constantly coming up with new hues. Color selections will always be top products, especially with safe and gentle ingredients.

Professional tricks for nail-care success shouldn’t be a mystery. Continue on to learn all about the best ways to care for your nails. They’re ultimately a reflection of your attention to detail and natural beauty.

Nail-Care Tips and Tricks

You have a whole collection of nail-care products in your bathroom right now. Congratulations! You’re ready to start the pampering process.

Did you know that nail care is an ongoing task? It’s not something that just occurs once a month. Follow these tips so that you’re prioritizing your beauty like a professional.

Wear Gloves

Taking care of your nails includes protective measures. Your feet may be in comfortable socks, but your hands are constantly encountering the world.

Wear gloves whenever you’re performing a task that can be hard on the hands. Cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes are two tasks that demand gloves.

The gloves keep the nails free from any chemical interactions and fewer chances of breaking during the effort.

File in One Direction

Everyone snags a nail at times. File the uneven edge by moving the tool in one direction across the nail. Reduced friction equates to strong nails.

Trim Each Week

Don’t let the nails grow out to extra-long lengths. Give them a proper trim each week for the best hygiene.


Moisturize With Argan Oil

Argan oil is a product that originates from Morocco. Pure, argan oil absorbs with ease into the nails.

Benefit from these features, such as:

  • Stronger nails
  • Smooth texture
  • Reduced dryness

Apply argan oil directly to the nails and cuticles. A small amount of the oil will absorb into the tissue as you go about your daily routine.

At night, cover both hands with argan oil. Wear gloves and go to sleep. The oil will permeate your hands for a refreshed feeling and appearance in the morning.

If you want to know more about argan oil’s overall benefits, read our comprehensive guide here.

Be Selective With Nail Products

Read the ingredient list for each nail-care product. Avoid some of the harsher ingredients, such as acetone. Your nails will look better with mild or natural ingredients.

It’s a good thing if you have leftover argan oil after your nail-care routine. Did you know that it works well on the hair and skin too?

Concentrate on your nails, but also expand your beauty regimen to include your hair and skin. Argan oil moisturizes and protects all of these tissues. Mature women can end up with glowing skin that’s reminiscent of those youthful days. Simply buy quality oil from a reputable seller.

It simply makes sense to take care of your nails. Today’s mature woman knows so much about nail care.


Certain features have been covered by this article. The infographic below provides the main key points.


It’s Your Turn!

Experiment with your nails during some free time at home. Whether you keep them polish free or add on the colors, your nails ready for anything.

Pamper your nails so that they can serve you well on a daily basis.

Have you tried some of these nail-care tips and tricks? Which ones worked for you?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Every woman should band together so that beauty tips are easy to find and apply. Nail care gets easier as a result of your sharing efforts.


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