Natural Oils for Different Hair Types!

So you’ve got dry, brittle looking hair. What are you going to do about it? Getting a hot oil treatment is an affordable way to bring back some shine to dull hair.

Affordable? While most people head on over to the nearest salon for a pricey hot oil session, you can take advantage of all-natural hair oils instead.

There are certain natural oils that have been proven to give wonders to the hair. The Moroccan Argan oil has been the talk of the beauty industry these days!

This oil is greatly beneficial to the skin and hair! But here are a couple of other oils you can use in combination with it to bring out the best in your tresses.

For fine, brittle strands
Pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid, which works to rejuvenate tired, dull locks. It also reduces the breakability of your strands, so it’s not as brittle.

When combined with Argan oil, the mix makes a nice hot oil treatment you can do yourself, right at home.

For thinning hair
Rosemary oil is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B. Used in combination with Moroccan oil’s own nourishing powers, the oil’s ability to stimulate growth in hair follicles is rendered even more effective.

Like Moroccan oil, rosemary oil also contains nourishing nutrients for the hair roots and follicles therefore preventing further hair loss.

For wavy tresses
Sweet almond oil contains plenty of vitamins, specifically A, B, and E. It’s especially good at dealing with split ends and increasing circulation to the scalp, so that hair follicles get their much-needed nourishment.

For strands, sweet almond oil removes dullness and leaves hair all shiny. Sweet almond oil and Moroccan oil contain antioxidants that protect hair from UV exposure damage as well.

For rough locks
Combine Moroccan oil with avocado oil to deal with coarse, rough hair. Both oils contain the necessary proteins and enzymes to heal hair cuticles (remember that hair is made of protein) and at the same time provide nourishment.

For thick, unmanageable hair
Thick hair has always been a bit tricky to deal with, but olive oil has often worked. However, studies have shown that Moroccan oil is much more effective than olive oil in maintaining thick hair.

Having the highest amount of Vitamin E compared to other oils, the Moroccan oil is able to tame unruly hair. Working together with Vitamin E to keep locks silky smooth are essential fatty acids and Sterols found in the Moroccan oil.

The oil also prevents breakability by increasing strand flexibility and both oils used together could raise the treatment’s potency.

For all kinds of hair
If you think your hair is generally fine, but would like a hot oil treatment anyway, try rice bran and hemp seed with Moroccan oil.

Like Moroccan oil, rice bran has vitamin E, and both serve to protect hair strands by strengthening cuticles.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is loaded with the necessary amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, and minerals that help Moroccan oil restore health to ordinary hair.

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