New and Interesting Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Time to bring out the romantic side of you! If you are looking for new things to surprise your partner with this day f hearts, here are some ideas.

A Burlesque Show Date

If you want to stir things up and get sultry this Valentine’s Day, a date to a burlesque show will do exactly just that. Acts in burlesque shows are very sexy. You’ll be seeing talented performers put on a show filled with humor and killer outfits.

Set Up an Indoor Picnic

A dinner out in a fancy restaurant is a romantic gesture but it can get tiring too. Plus if you were not able to land a spot in the reservation list of your lover’s favorite restaurant, you can always get creative. How about arranging a picnic indoors? This is way more intimate than being in a restaurant filled with other lovebirds. All you need is a blanket to spread on the floor, your loved one’s favorite meal or light snacks and of course a bottle of bubbly!

Go Camping (In a Glamorous Way)

If you are not too fond of camping or if you and your lover just don’t have the time to go into the mountains and do some romantic camping don’t despair. Why not do camping in your own backyard or even in your bedroom? All you need is a tent and just a little strength to pitch it in your backyard, living room or the bedroom and a sleeping bag for two. Prepare a batch of s’mores, turn on your DVD and get cozy! You won’t have to worry about bugs and creepy crawlers ruining your romantic camping!

Go Roller Skating

If you are not up to your usual Valentine’s Day activities why not roll back in time and go roller skating? Ice skating rinks are sure going to be packed with couples so going old school and hitting the roller skating rink can be a lot more intimate and of course fun-packed. After roller skating, you can play more games in the arcade or just hang out. Sweeten up the night with candies and kisses.

Go Bowling!

Although bowling is not that romantic, it is quite a lot of fun. Have a few bottles of cold beer and potato chips perhaps and get the game rolling. Roll out your sleeves, let the bowling ball roll and knock out some pins. Keep score to make your night more interesting. And by the end of the match, the winner gets a very Valentine’s Day surprise prize.

Have you made plans for your Valentine’s Day rendezvous? You might just like one of these ideas!

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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