Nipping Skin Aging Right in the Bud!

Fighting Skin Aging Should Begin At A Young Age

Everyone’s got their own skin care regimen these days, and ladies especially are known for slathering whole product lines of sunscreen and makeup and moisturizer on their skin daily. It’s not a bad thing. Taking good care of your skin now will most likely give you an advantage in the later years.

Day or night application

However, having all your bases covered doesn’t mean having to put on everything you possibly can. In fact, it’s a better idea to save your anti-aging creams and lotions and oils for later in the day.

There’s a simple rule of thumb that will help you distinguish between which products to apply in the morning or at night. If the product protects your skin, it’s better applied in the morning. If it’s for anti aging and rejuvenation, it’ll work best at night when your body is repairing itself. Anti-aging products often work best when in conjunction to the body’s natural processes.

Retinoids are a good example of this, mainly because they deal in collagen production, increasing collagen levels in skin to help reduce the number of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s best applied at night because a) retinoids are damaged by sunlight, and b) the body also does its own replacement of old tissues and cells at night, and the retinoids can help enhance this mechanism.


This can’t be emphasized enough. You’re more prone to form wrinkles when your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, so it’s important to drink lots of water. Moisturizing lotions and creams are good too, though it’s best to go for creams that have water as a main ingredient, as well as humectants (like glycerin) to help keep the moisture from drying out so easily.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

These acids are a major player in the war on aging; they remove the old dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to produce new cells. In fact, it’s a good thing to have more AHAs in your skin products (you might want to check). However, because AHAs can be irritating to skin when over applied, limit their use to only once a week.

Vitamin C

You’ve heard of this one before, doubtless. Vitamin C is excellent for immunity, and you’ll need this to keep your skin from being easily contaminated by bacteria. Remember that bacteria lead to acne, which could lead to scarring. It is also good for replenishing nutrients. Creams with vitamin C are best applied at night. Daytime application can be ineffective due to dust particles interfering with vitamin C.

Argan oil

Never underestimate pure, unprocessed Argan oil. Chock full of nutrients and anti-oxidants, Argan oil helps skin retain its youthful glow by protecting the skin with its antioxidants, helping skin retain moisture, as well as keeping the cells well-rejuvenated and refreshed. Because it protects and rejuvenates the skin, the oil is best applied day and night!

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