No Need to Wear Damaged Hair with Argan Oil!

The summer season was indeed fun. But as we say our goodbye to the season of sunny days and outdoor play, we now face the consequences of our overindulgence.

The skin is not the only thing battered by the sun, wind, chlorine and surf. Your crowning glory also gets a good battering from these elements. As the temperature starts to plummet, the hair will still sustain some good battering causing it to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage. It is quite common for many, especially those who pushed too far on their summer fun to sport a lack lustre hair come fall season.

Can Damaged Hair Be Repaired?

If you are seeing signs of damage in your crowning glory, what should you do? Is there still hope for your hair to get its former glory back? Or would you just have to live with the fact that you absolutely blew your chance of having a healthy and luxurious head of hair?

For many, damaged hair seems like a hopeless case. But don’t despair. There is still hope and this hope shines brighter than ever. You can get your lovely locks back! How? Treat your damaged hair regularly with Moroccan Argan oil!

How Moroccan Oil Treats Damaged Hair

It is acceptable that you’ll be a little hesitant to believe that this oil can repair your damaged hair especially if you have been duped many times by fancy advertisements for hair treatment products. But this oil has science backing up its claim on effectively treating damaged hair and bringing back its former glory. The oil contains a high level of Vitamin E, which is one of the most potent antioxidants we have. Not only will Vitamin E protect your hair from damage it also has the ability to repair, renew and revitalise your hair! Other antioxidants found in the oil that offer the same benefits to the hair are Carotenoids, Ferulic acid and Polyphenols. The Moroccan Argan oil is also packed with essential fatty acids or EFAs. EFAs have potent moisturising properties and serve as nourishment to your hair pores and hair roots. By providing nourishment to your hair, the result is healthier and stronger crowning glory!

How To Use Argan Oil On Your Hair

It is easy to use this oil in treating damaged hair. You can use it just like a regular conditioner in the shower. For deep conditioning, massage the oil on your scalp and be sure to coat your hair from roots to tips. Cover your oil-soaked hair with a warm towel and leave it soaking in the oil’s goodness overnight and rinse in the morning. If you don’t have much time for deep conditioning, the oil can be used as a leave in conditioner. You don’t have to worry about your hair getting greasy with this oil. The Squalene and Sterols in the oil let it be absorbed easily into your hair and scalp.

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