Nourishing Skin With Argan Oil

If you notice your skin is changing as seasons change. Your skin’s moisture level jumps from normal to dry and sometimes even becomes oily. This is perfectly normal as seasons really do affect the skin and its moisture. Normal as they are though, avoiding dry and oily skin is more than possible. How you may ask? Read on and learn how easy it is to nourish skin with argan oil.


Argan oil is a product made from the kernels of the argan tree. A local tree found only in the southwestern parts of Morocco, this tree and its oil are considered rare. Also known to be used for cooking, argan oil has become more popular for its cosmetic benefits. Rich in vitamins A and E, known to have exceptional amounts of fatty acids, and popular for its being an all natural product – argan oil is well known to cure various skin ailments such as acne, dryness, oiliness, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks, wrinkles, and so much more.


As the argan tree only survives in arid land, Morocco is the perfect setting for its growth. When the fruits of the tree are ready to be harvested, they are taken from the tree. The nuts are removed from the fruit and kernels are taken from the nuts. These kernels are then thoroughly pressed by hand, no chemicals are being added, and just the natural oils are taken and bottled. The process takes a lot of hours to finish, but the end result is worth it.


Argan oil is your best skin defense against changing seasons. For the summer, argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer that will seep into skin easily. With its natural fatty acids, argan oil is able to lock in moisture which keeps skin glowing. During winter, argan oil is able to give that extra insulation for your skin when harsh, cold wind blows. Argan oil is also able to balance the pH level of the skin. When the skin’s pH level is on the normal side, skin is better protected from negative effects of the sun, pollution, and cigarettes. Skin imperfections are also an expertise of argan oil. Able to control acne, argan oil is known for its ability to normalize sebum levels in the body. Aside from acne itself, argan oil does wonders to scars as well. Scars such as acne scars, scars from operations, accidents, and even skin lines brought about by aging or pregnancy are no match for this oil.


The skin needs nourishment just like your hair. It needs moisture and aside from drinking enough water every day, other nourishments are also needed. Argan oil has the nourishment your skin needs. Its rich components will help keep your skin beautiful, glowing, and protected regardless of the season. The weather may change but your skin is assured of staying healthy with argan oil.