Nutrients for Absolutely Healthy and Beautiful Nails!

Proper Food Is Important Not Only For The Nails But For The Whole Body

Have you noticed that a lot of attention is paid to nails lately? Salons have sprung up left and right like mushrooms in numerous communities and lately more women seem to be spending much time and money on their nails. Although many choose acrylic nails compared to the natural and nicely manicured nails, the latter still proves to be more desirable. Exceptional nail health is a direct reflection of one’s overall body health. Your nails, just like other parts of the body, are sustained by a balanced diet and supplements.

Your fingernails are made of a protein called keratin. Keratin’s very purpose is to shield your fingertips and your toes, but the overall appearance like their color, texture, or strength is an indication of your health, or of how you take care of your nails. Nails can also telltale diseases, such as emphysema, diabetes, or heart disease.

Vitamins from herbs and other supplements can dramatically improve your nail’s health. It is fundamental to add certain supplements on top of ingested food to build keratin and at the same time understand how these vitamins directly affect your nails.

Vitamins & Nutrients just for your Nails

  • It’s common misconception that those white spots on your nails are caused by vitamin C deficiency but in truth those are “damage spots” due to zinc deficiency. Zinc is essential for boosting the immune system. This mineral is found in poultry, nuts, meat, cheese, seeds and nuts.
  • Found in foods rich in protein is sulfur. The “beauty mineral” will help regulate your body’s acid and alkaline balance. Sulfur is present in eggs, fish, cheese, meat and nuts.
  • Biotin is a B vitamin present in nuts, fish, eggs and even liver. Biotin is essential for both nail and hair health. It is responsible for keeping your nails strong and healthy.
  • A poor intake of copper may lead to premature grayness. Copper is linked to the production of melanin. Melanin can gradually decline as you age so eating plenty of foods rich in copper will keep your nails looking healthy from inside and out. Copper can be found in liver, nuts and shellfish.
  • Oily fish such as mackerel, trout, salmon and fresh tuna are all rich in omega-3 fats. These fatty acids provide nutrients and oxygen to the blood that will also reach your nail bed encouraging healthy growth. Aside from fish, there is a certain natural cosmetic product that is also high in fatty acids essential to nail care. This is the Moroccan Argan oil. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) and antioxidants such as vitamin E, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Ferulic acid and other nutrients that are vital in keeping your nails healthy and happily beautiful.
  • Of course dehydration will affect our nails just as it does our body. To prevent dry and brittle cuticles, it is important to consume six to eight glasses of water every day. Also eat juicy fruits and vegetables for these foods contain 90 percent of water at the least.