Nuts Provides Us With Energy

Nuts and Seeds for a Healthy Body and Beautiful Skin

For a healthy snack, munch on nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are packed with health boosters. They fill up your hunger and provide the body with healthy fats, fiber as well as protein. But aside from bringing you good health, nuts and seeds also help make your skin supple, smooth and more youthful.

Let us check out some nuts and seeds that score a high crunch on health and beauty benefits.

Nuts and Seed with Health and Beauty Benefits

  • Almonds
    First on our list is almonds. Almonds are loaded with fiber (which many of us eat a very few of), protein and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are all helpful in promoting a healthy heart and reducing blood pressure. They also are beneficial to the skin thanks to its essential fatty acids. The essential fatty acids or EFAs in almonds are a natural anti-inflammatory bringing down swelling and inflammation making them great for treating skin disorders due to inflammation such as eczema, psoriasis as well as acne.
  • Pumpkin Seeds
    Pepitas or pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients essential for good health such as Vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. These nutrients are also great for the skin. These nutrients in pumpkin seeds promote skin cell regeneration which translates to a youthful and glowing skin. Vitamin E alone is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect the skin from free-radical damage and also helps the skin repair damage faster. The protein in pumpkin seeds also aid in cell regeneration. Zinc on the other hand is helpful in treating acne. These seeds may be small in size but they have huge health and beauty benefits.
  • Walnuts
    Walnuts may taste a little bit bitter but have a handful of these and your mood gets sweeter thanks to its fatty acids. Fatty acids have been known to play an important role to the brain’s nerve cells and it is believed that a lack in fatty acids may cause depression and mood disorders. Snacking on a quarter cup of walnuts gives you almost 95% of your daily recommended intake of omega-3. B vitamins are also found in walnuts and they are great for the skin. B vitamins are helpful in managing stress, mood and preventing skin disorders. Eating a handful of walnuts can bring down stress levels and as a result can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pecans
    Pecans are great source of fiber. In just an ounce of pecans, you’ll get about 2.7 grams of fiber and we know that fiber does great wonders to our health. Fiber is essential to good health since it helps get rid of waste and toxins and helps keep the digestive system in good working order. It is also essential to the beauty of your skin. How? If your body is full of toxins, this would be reflected in the skin which translates to breakouts, dull skin or too oily skin.

These health and beauty benefits of nuts and seeds are more than enough to include them in your diet or opt for them as snacks.

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