Observe Sun Protection Habits to Prevent Skin Cancer

Protection Against The Sun Is Important In Avoiding Skin Cancer

There are about 3.5 million skin cancer cases diagnosed annually. The number affects around 2 million people. Of this figure, it is estimated that this year alone, around 132,000 will be diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Overexposure to ultraviolet light from the sun is the most common cause of melanoma.

These numbers alone should be enough to get your butts to the store to buy sunscreen. However, buying and using sunscreen do not automatically guarantee protection. Knowing the right sunscreen and the proper way of applying it are the only ways to ensure effectivity of the product.

What’s the Right Sunscreen?

Dermatologists recommend broad spectrum sunscreen so make sure to check the label on your bottle. Broad spectrum sunscreens protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays that are equally damaging to your skin. Buy sunscreens that are SPF 30 or higher. These will protect you from more 97 percent of UV rays already. Opt for water resistant sunscreens as well so it wouldn’t easily wear off when you sweat.

Apply Ample Amount

Even if you purchased a sunscreen with SPF 80, it doesn’t mean you’re enjoying the full range of protection it offers. If you apply less than the required amount then it’s like applying a sunscreen with SPF 15. Be generous with your application so as not to waste the full benefits offered by your sunscreen.

Perfect Timing

Don’t apply sunscreen when you’re about to go out already. Apply it 15-20 minutes before heading out to allow your skin to absorb it before sweating it out.

Re-apply Every Two Hours

I’m not kidding. If you think you’re protecting yourself when you lather up on your sunscreen every morning, think again. If you don’t re-apply every two hours, then you still leave your skin unprotected for most parts of the day. You may even have to re-apply even before two hours if you’ve sweat it out already. Complement your sunscreen by wearing brimmed hats and clothing that will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays as well. Also, seek shade regularly especially if you’re shadow appears shorter than you. This only means that the sun’s heat is at its strongest.


Moisturizing your skin everyday is as equally important in ensuring that your skin is healthy. Organic moisturizers, like Argan oil, help revive skin damaged by over exposure to the sun. Argan oil, for instance, has antioxidants as well. This means that as you moisturize, you’re not only nourishing damaged skin, you’re also protecting it from further damage caused by free radicals.

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