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What are the major Benefits to Oily Skin?

Everyone has different genetics that ultimately determine the number of sweat glands in your face and scalp. Some mature women are just naturally oily, which means that sebaceous glands are high in numbers compared to other people. These glands release sebum, oil or sweat so that your skin remains moisturized.

Although a sweaty face may be unwanted, look at the bright side to this situation. There are major benefits to oily skin when you understand the science behind the sweat.

That Beautiful Glow

Sweat or oil is a natural lubricator of the skin. As you age, dry conditions often affect your skin with cracked sections and wrinkles emerging every day. When your face is naturally oily, it has a supple and youthful glow. The skin has a chance to use that oil as a way to moisturize the tissue.

Fights Off Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines rely on the skin’s declining conditions as you age. As the senior years move forward, your skin suffers from several issues, such as:

  • Loss of elastin and collagen
  • Naturally, dry conditions

When you continually have an oily complexion, the skin can work with the moisturizing properties. Although the skin is losing flexibility, the oils allow the tissues to move freely so that lines and wrinkles can’t develop in the first place.

Boosts Your SPF

Bare and dry skin is more vulnerable to sunlight damage compared to oily-faced people. The sweat itself creates a fine barrier against ultraviolet radiation. This oil layer isn’t enough to protect you on a sunny day, but it does contribute to a solid layer of sunscreen. Wear a slightly different SPF than you did in your younger years, and the oily complexion will boost its strength.


Reduces Inflammation

Because your skin doesn’t have dry or stressful conditions, it doesn’t become inflamed. Although you may have some irregular skin issues, the oil lubricates and calms the skin so that inflammatory processes can’t get started. Inflammation usually leads to premature aging and damaged tissues.

Offers Antioxidants

Your sweat holds antioxidants in the form of nutrients, such as: • Vitamin E These antioxidants fight off free radicals that strike your skin each day. With the oil constantly covering your skin, daily damage is minimized. As a senior, any skin protection is desirable to ward off aging and ailments.

Balancing The Oils

Your face won’t always have a uniform appearance with oily conditions. Balance the skin by using argan oil. One to two drops of argan oil spread across your face will help you even out the skin tone. This oil offers other benefits, including:

  • Reducing acne flareups
  • Fighting off dry patches
  • Incorporating nutrients into the skin

Recall your battle with oily skin, and share that story with readers in the comment section below. Everyone has those oily days. Engage your audience with tips and tricks that truly work for an oily complexion.


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