Organic Skin Care for Pregnant Women

There Are Many Hormonal Changes In A Pregnant Woman

When a woman becomes preganant her body undergoes many changes. And these changes continue the rest of the pregnancy, to delivery and after giving birth. For about 40 weeks as the embryo develops, hormonal changes happens to signal all the body’s systems to accommodate this process and the growth of the baby inside. Of course the skin of pregnat women would make big adjustments. As the abdomen expnads so does the skin.

Hormonal Changes and the Skin

Pregnant women would have high levels of estrogen and progesterone which would reflect on the skin making it more sensitive, oily or dry. If you have been pregnant you may have experienced having melasma or what is referred to as the “mask of pregnancy. This is because of the higher amount of melanocyte-stimulating hormone. There is also an increase in thyroid activity which can lead to a decline in sebum production and the increase in sweat gland activity can lead to too much sweating or heat rash. And of course there is the notoriuos and dreaded stretch marks.

Pregnancy Stretch marks

About 90% of pregnant women will have stretch marks on their skin. This can be because the connective tissue layers that are deep in the skin stretch rapidly and also because of the fibroblast activity on collagen stimulated by hormones. When women become pregnat their skin becomes more sensitive as well as penetrable. This is why skin of pregnant women becomes more vulnerable.

What Pregnant Women Should be Wary Of

Pregnant women should especially understand that the skin will absorb whatever is applied on it systematically. What we put on the skin is absorbed by the sebaceous glands and goes in the blood. Our environment today has high levels of toxic materials. From pesticides, heavy metals and other harsh chemicals that are damaging to the body. Everyone of us especially, pregnant women should be vigilant in minimising exposure to these toxic materials. Keep in mind that whatever a pregnant woman’s body is exposed to, the baby will be exposed to as well.

Organic Skin Care for Pregnant Women

When looking after the skin, it is best to go organic most especially pregnant women. Most of the skin care products that are sold in the market contain ingredients that are toxic to the body. Parabens, Fragrance and Phthalates are just some of the ingredients that are toxic and potentially can cause cancer. It is best to use products that are certified pure and organic by a reputable certifying agency. From cultivation to production, organic skin care products should not be exposed to any contaminants.

Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% Organic

The Moroccan Argan oil is 100% pure and organic. The Argan trees that bear the nuts where the oil is extracted from is grown in a land free from pesticides and chemical fertilizer. The extraction of the oil to production of the finished product is handled properly to avoid any contamination.

Moroccan Argan oil is loaded with nutrients that benefits the skin. It is packed with Vitamin E, unsaturated essential and numerous antioxidants. It moisturises the skin, regulate sebum production, minimise and prevent wrinkles, fine lines as well as stretch marks.

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