5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for the Over-70 Crowd

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Wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots are all signs of aging skin. Don’t feel frustrated with this look, however, because you’ve earned your age with wisdom backing it up. It’s time to think on a healthy track in order to keep that skin as glorious as possible.

Maintain a beautiful complexion by following these anti-aging, skincare tips for seventy-somethings. With women living well into their 90s, treat your skin with care for the next several decades.

Stay In The Shade

The sun’s radiation damages your skin from the moment that you step outside. Wear hats, long sleeves and sunscreen in order to protect your body from any further aging effects. Fight off these skin ailments with basic shade, including:

• Wrinkles

• Dark spots

• Skin Cancer

Your skin doesn’t rejuvenate tissue as quickly as it once did so sunlight damage is a real threat to your health. Enjoy a day out with an umbrella or hat by your side.

Go Natural

From skin creams to makeup, always pick natural ingredients for your skin. Argan oil is a particularly helpful product to have on your bathroom counter. This essential oil found in Moroccan trees offers these anti-aging properties, such as:

• Antioxidants

• Fatty acids

Apply argan oil twice a day in small droplets across your face. Nighttime is the best application period because your body concentrates on rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Don’t Excessively Exfoliate

Your over-70 skin is very delicate so it doesn’t need any harsh exfoliators. In fact, use argan oil as a way to control your oil levels on your face.

With balanced skin, the pores remain clear of any blockages while encouraging natural exfoliation to occur. Your fingers or a soft washcloth are all that’s needed for a clean face.

Give Your Skin Natural Products To Heal It

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

Take lukewarm showers to encourage your natural oils to remain on your skin. Follow up your shower or bath with argan oil. Although warm showers are beneficial, your body soap will still clear away oils that are crucial to skin moisturizing.

Consider a bath with argan oil in the water. Although its strength is diminished in the water, you’ll still benefit from the moisturizing properties.

Be Aware Of Drying Skin And Medications

Certain medications have dry-skin side effects that you want to avoid. Common medications include:

• Pravastatin for cholesterol

• Retin-A for facial rejuvenation

• Accutane for acne

Ideally, avoid these medications and choose alternatives. You’ll notice excessively dry skin when you use these items, and fixing the issue with other products may not be possible. Natural products, including argan oil, can help your skin without frustrating side effects.

Are you ready to share your seventy-something beauty secrets with the world? Share your story in the comment section below. Get a conversation started with women your age who only improve over the years. You’ll feel and look better by using these tricks of the trade.

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