Pack a Bottle of Argan Oil for Your Travels

You Can Always Bring Beauty With You By Using Small Packed Argan Oil

Can’t contain your excitement because of your trip to your dream destination? We all or most of us are guilty of getting hyped up and psyched about a holiday trip to places we have been dreaming of visiting. And with this excitement we can forget to pack essential things such as our skin care products! You should always remember to care for your skin whether you are at home or you are traelling. Don’t let your excitement give your skin a harsh beating!

It is best to pack small things for your skin. You will be surprised as to how much space your bottles, tubes, pouches and jars of skin care products will eat up. The best thing to do is to pack small and light.

Travelling can give your skin a good beating. The change in weather, humidity and other environmental factors (such as pollution, smoke and dust) can trigger a reaction on your skin. Make sure that you bring skin essentials that would keep your skin protected and well cared for.

Let’s get on with the must pack skin care products!

Skin Care Products to Pack When Travelling

  • Products to Treat Skin Conditions – If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, you should see to it that you bring with you skin care products that are effective in treating the symptoms of these skin conditions. These products should have top priority in the space of your suitcase.
  • Sunscreen Lotion – This is a must bring skin care product. A sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 is ideal. You are not only avoiding wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots by using sunscreen lotion on your skin daily, you are also avoiding getting skin cancer. Whether you are travelling to a place with a summer or winter season, it is essential to bring your sunscreen lotion.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – Never ever make the mistake of forgetting to bring your bottle of Moroccan Argan oil with you. You will keep your skin calm and happy your whole trip with regular application of this precious oil. Possibly, your skin will get dry or get too oily with the change of climate and with your bottle of this precious oil by your side you would not have to worry! Since the oil is packed with Vitamin E, your skin is kept well nourished and moisturised. The oil is also effective in regulating sebum production to a manageable level.With the change in weather, your long hours of flight getting to your destination, your over excitement and most probably darting from one place to another as you tour your destination and late night merry making, your skin can probably start breaking out. Argan oil is effective against acne and acne scars and this is yet another reason why you should pack this oil with you whenever you travel. This precious oil from Morocco is packed with ingredients that fight skin aging such as essential fatty acids, Triterpens, Polyphenols, Caroteoids and other antioxidants!

Keep these things in mind when packing for a trip!

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