Pampering Tips for a Busy Workweek!

Taking A Break From Work Is Very Important To Avoid Burnout

Life today seems more stressful than ever! With the busy schedules we live with it may be hard to find a day dedicated to just pamper one’s self. But at least once a day pampering is necessary so that we don’t feel too stressed out. Although it is during the workweek that we are swamped, we should find the time to give ourselves some good pampering.

So how do you get to pamper yourself during the busiest days of the week? Assign a day for pampering. Thursday may be the best day to pick as it is right after you just got past the middle of the week and close to the weekend. So how do you go about the pampering with your very tight schedule? Here are some ideas!

Starting Your “Pampering” Day

  • Get your blood pumping by having a brisk walk to start your day off. Afterwards, cool down with a warm shower. It’s also a good idea to pour a few drops of the Moroccan Argan oil mixed with a few drops of lemon into a wet washcloth and put the washcloth on your face. The oil has soothing effects because of its anti-inflammatory properties while the lemon has calming scents.
  • After tapping your skin dry, moisturise the skin with Moroccan Argan oil. This oil often called as the liquid gold of Morocco is loaded with essential fatty acids, Sterols and Squalene which are great in keeping the skin well-hydrated. The oil also has high concentrations of Vitamin E plus other antioxidants thus the skin is kept protected from environmental damage.
  • After taking a shower start paying attention to cleaning your face. Use a mild cleanser suited for your skin type. An exfoliating mask should be your next move. Leave it on while you are picking out your outfit and making your cup of coffee.

Pampering Until Bedtime

  • Once you’re done with work, this just means that the day is almost over. Upon getting home, most of us have the habit of turning on the TV immediately. For this day, your day of pampering, deviate from this habit. Instead of turning on the TV, make yourself a glass or a cup of your favourite drink. You may also want to give a glass of unfiltered water with a splash or a tablespoon of lemon juice a try. Turn off your phone as well and leave it turned off for just an hour. For this hour, do whatever it is you seem to have no time doing. Read a book, spend time playing or chatting with your kids or just relax.
  • Your pampering should be until you head to bed. You may want to do some mini DIY pampering such as a mani, pedi or perhaps a foot soak. You can watch your favourite television programme or have a chat with your buddy for a good laugh before heading straight to bed!

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