Pick the Right Shampoo to Avoid Bad Hair Days

What is a person’s crowning glory? They say it is the hair. Especially for women who really take the time to make their hair beautiful, soft, shinny, and manageable – the hair is an important factor that completes every look. So what does it take to have gorgeous hair every day? Bad hair days are brought about by many factors like your hair type, treatments you use on your hair, weather, exposure to smoke and pollution, and the most common cause – the shampoo that you use.


Before you can successfully identify the type of shampoo you need to use, you first have to identify your hair type. Here are your choices:
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily or greasy
  • Damaged hair – brought about by hair chemicals and too much heat
  • Combination – normal hair that turns greasy at the end of the day


Because the shampoo you use is an important factor in getting gorgeous hair every day, it is important to pick the right one for your hair type. Here is how:
  • The Hairdresser – if you are still uncertain of your hair type, ask your hairdresser as he/she handles your hair most often after yourself.
  • The Salon – if you are able to, splurge on your hair and buy hair products your salon uses. These products often make hair smoother and shinier. If not, you can ask your hairdresser for recommendations that give the same effect at a lower cost.
  • For Thinning Hair – if you have thinning hair, buying products that come from natural ingredients are a better choice for you. Mild shampoos and those that do not have harmful chemicals will help to avoid further damaging hair and avoid promotion of hair loss. Organic, natural products, and even baby shampoos that are mild would do you good.
  • For Dry Hair – get shampoos that give extra moisture to help with your dry hair. After shampoo, condition your hair. Argan oil is the perfect conditioner for dry hair. A few drops massaged to hair and scalp will keep hair moisturized and will prevent scaling and dandruff – two common problems of people with dry hair.
  • Try Products – it is wise to buy small packets of products you want to try. Instead of buying big bottles, try out small packs of the brands of shampoo you want to try.
  • Change Shampoos – don’t be afraid to change shampoos. If you feel that your shampoo for 10 years is not as great as it has been in the past, try other brands until you find the right one. You may also need to change shampoos depending on the weather or season. Summer and winter would need extra moisture on your hair.
Remember that every hair style starts with a good hair shampoo. Choosing the right one for your hair type is vital in keeping your hair manageable, healthy, and beautiful. Know what your hair needs and get gorgeous hair every day!