Plagued by Adult Acne?

Many would think that acne breakouts are only for teenagers. But the truth is this skin problem can stretch into your adult life. Pimples or acne are considered a normal part of teenage life because this is when our hormones start going haywire causing a malfunction in our sebaceous glands which then trigger the formation of, you guessed right, acne.

So what are you to do when you’re already a full grown adult and you still are plagued with this skin problem? The first thing you need to remember is to treat your acne problem with a potent dose of grown up treatment! First off, let us find out why acne still pester some of us even in our adult years.

Why Do Adults Still Get Acne?

The truth is even skin experts can not give a definite explanation as to what triggers acne in adults. It can be a hormonal imbalance, a side effect of certain medications, stress or perhaps the sunscreen lotion you lathered on your skin. The sad truth is acne still happens to people who have reached their thirties and forties. Many dermatologists have said that such is a common occurrence.

When you speak of acne, basically there are 3 things happening within the skin. First your sebaceous glands are producing excessive sebum or oil which gives rise to the second factor which is the acne-causing bacteria causing havoc in your hair follicles . The third factor is these two mixing with dead skin cells which result to clogged or blocked follicles. If you are starting to see pustules (blisters-looking filled with pus) and cysts (inflamed pustules) then this means that there is an inflammation involved in the picture.

The Grown Up Approach in Treating Adult Acne

Consult a Dermatologist for Severe Acne Problems

If your acne is severe or you are not getting any good result from self-medication, it is best to consult a dermatologist. This way you will not get frustrated spending more money than what’s needed. Dermatologists are experts on any skin issue. They would be able to pinpoint the kind of acne you have and therefore prescribe to you the right medication you need. Another bonus of seeing a dermatologist is that you’ll get a better understanding on how to care for your skin, get advice on proper skin care as well as get a detailed explanation on how to use and go about the treatment prescribed to you.

Stop Picking,Squeezing or Popping Your Acne

You probably already know that picking at your acne, popping or squeezing it can only make things worse. So just stop this nasty habit and stop hoping that every squeeze and pop will make your acne problem go away. In fact they do the opposite. Every time you pick, squeeze or pop your acne, they stay longer than usual and become more inflamed and more visible.

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