Pregnancy Acne: Can Argan Oil Help?

Pregnancy Can Result In A Lot Of Hormonal Changes That Can Affect How We Look
Pregnancy and skin problems can go hand in hand. When women get pregnant, some realize the sad fact that pregnancy can trigger acne, but many never fully understand the relationship between acne and pregnancy.

Acne and Pregnancy

Breakouts during pregnancy is more common than you think, whether acne was never a problem pre pregnancy. During the first trimester the levels of female hormones skyrocket.The androgenic hormone, progesterone can trigger the skin’s glands to secrete more oil and in turn trigger acne. Usually after the first trimester hurdle, the skin clears up since the progesterone is now concentrated in the placenta rather than in the ovaries. Aside from hormonal fluctuations stress, anxiety and several physical changes – may all play a role in inflammation and skin eruptions or pimples. Bright side to this is about 70% of pregnant women report that as they go further along their pregnancy, their acne and skin gradually improves. Now, nobody wants to worry a pregnant woman! Let’s go over easy solutions to prevent, avert, or at least keep acne in check.

Treating Pregnancy Acne 101

There’s nothing like the good old basic skin care!
  1. Always keep your face clean and oil free as much as possible. Cleanse the face with gentle cleansers and avoid astringents and toners as they can irritate the skin.
  2. Expect skin sensitivity during pregnancy, so be mindful of the skin care products you use. Opt for milder alternatives, and preferably free from fragrance and other harsh and toxic chemicals.
  3. If your acne has gone from bad to worse you may feel the need to turn to medication for treatment. For the health of your developing bun in the oven, you must be very, very careful in selecting products as the chemicals in them will be absorbed by the skin and eventually enter the bloodstream. While some medications are relatively safe, certain treatments should not be used by expecting or breastfeeding mothers. Before purchasing and using any medication you should first consult your doctor.
  4. Natural may be the best way to go. Most of the time, soon to be mothers are advised to take the healthiest path and consider natural remedies.

All Natural Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural extract of the Argan nut seeds. For centuries, the oil has been used by the Moroccan Berber tribe for thousands of years to protect their skin and hair from the harsh conditions of the desert. They also used the oil for other purposes such as cooking and in treating various ailments. Today, Argan oil has reached the western world and its popularity has skyrocketed. Even popular personalities are raving about the amazing skin benefits of the oil. But is it effective against acne? Argan oil has long been believed to help address skin problems including acne. However, to this date, there is not enough scientific studies done to prove this. The oil contains a high amount of essential fatty acids, which may be the main reason why it is thought of to be effective in controlling or preventing acne. Essential fatty acids is believed to help bring down overproduction of sebum which has been linked to cause acne.