Pregnancy and Hair Changes

Pregnancy Will Have A Considerable Effect Towards Your Well-Being

During pregnancy, women experience tons of changes in their body. There’s the growing belly, that pregnancy glow, skin breakouts, patches of brown and yellowish appearing on the skin and the dreaded stretch marks. But don’t think that the hair will not go through changes because, well, they will.

A fuller hair when you’re pregnant?

Many pregnant women feels like their hair becomes fuller. Most actually believed that durring pregnancy they grow more hair or the strands grow thicker but this is not actually what’s happening. The reason why many women during pregnancy feel having a fuller head of hair is the fact that they don’t lose hair that fast as they normally do when they were not carrying a bun in the oven.

Let’s get into this further. About 85 to 95% of your hair is growing while the rest actually goes in a resting stage. Once the resting period is done, this part of your hair falls out naturally. You probably notice that when you brush or shampoo, you’ll see strands of hair that have fallen out. The strands of hair that have fallen will be replaced. On average, women lose about 100 hairs in a day.

But when a woman becomes pregnant, she would have higher levels of the pregnancy hormone called estrogen. This higher levels of estrogen will extend the growth phase of hair which means hair shedded will be lesser than normal and therefore thicker hair. A change in hair texture is also experienced by many pregnant women. Some would notice shinier locks while some with curly hair might start feeling their hair becoming straighter.

Pregnant women should enjoy their more luxurious hair during this time as once they give birth, the previous normal cycle of growth and resting period of hair will take over. Once you’ve given birth to your precious baby, you may start seeing that more hair falls out. But of course not every pregnant woman would get to experience changes in their hair. Usually it is those pregnant women with longer hair who seem to notice these changes in their crowning glory.

Hair Care During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you should be more careful about what you use for your body, including your hair care kit. It is best to use natural products that have no toxic ingredients in them that can or can potentially harm your precious little baby in your womb. To keep hair strong and moisturised, the Moroccan Argan oil is a great pick in hair care products. Argan oil is loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Sterols. Antioxidants like Vitamin E, Feruulic acid and Polyphenols in the oil will protect the hair from damaging factors and help repair damages. Sterols and essential fatty acids will keep the hair moisturised. The great thing about this oil is that it does not contain any toxic ingredient that would harm your health or your baby’s health!

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