Preparing for Pregnancy by Knowing What Changes to Expect

A woman’s body undergoes many changes when she gets pregnant. For 9 months the body experiences many transformations and even after delivery, the body will still undergo some modifications. Just what bodily changes should one know about when she gets pregnant? Is it really important to know about these changes? The answer is yes. Knowing what changes to expect in your body will allow you to prepare for them and figure out how to handle them. So if you’re an expectant mother, a husband of a would-be mother, if you know someone pregnant or if you would just like to prepare for the future, then this article is for you.

Change 1: Acne

You probably thought that your adolescent acne years were over. The good news is that pregnancy is a lot quicker that the adolescent years and the acne will subside once you have given birth. When pregnant and confronted with acne though, remember not to take in acne drugs and not to use harsh facial cleansers or solutions for your skin. Use natural ingredients, those that are safe for sensitive skin. Use natural oils than can make your acne better and will not harm your skin or your child. Natural oils such as argan oil will help heal your acne and will also prevent acne scars. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that helps control acne. It also heals acne quickly while promoting faster skin generation to heal acne scars. 100% pure argan oil has extremely high contents of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E – all of which are excellent for the skin and pregnant women.

Change 2: Dark areas in the body become darker

Different body parts like moles and freckles could become darker in shade when you are pregnant. Aside from these, moles may also take a darker shade. The change in color could be permanent and natural. However, if there are extreme changes in your moles for example like in shape and color, make sure you have your doctor take a look at them. Nipples would also get this change in color and would remain a darker shade than when you were not pregnant. Your areola will be a shade darker than before, that is normal so don’t you worry.

Change 3: Palmar Erythema

Another bodily change when pregnant is palmar erythema. Even as early as the second month of your pregnancy this bodily change may occur. This is when the palms of your hands and the bottom part of your feet become reddish in color. Aside from having a reddish hue, both the insides of your hands and the bottom of your feet may also itch. If you get bothered about the itching you may also use argan oil to help relieve the itch.

Being pregnant and having a baby grow in your body will cause several changes you have to be prepared for. Staying calm and searching for answers are always good. If peculiarities are noticed then a visit to the doctor is necessary. It is always better to be aware and prepared.

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