Prettying Up Your Nails for the Autumn

Sometimes the littlest details are the most important, and your nails (no matter how seemingly small they are) can impact your entire outfit in a big way. Combined with other accessories, your nails can add that little extra spice to your whole look, especially if they match certain aspects such as your shoes or your bags.

This fall’s nail polish trends will have you loving dark, rich reds and minimal shades of white and beige. If you like changing things up, pop art and textured nails help add character to an ordinary outfit.

Rich reds and blues
Give the classic shades a dark, rich tone with burgundy and midnight blue. Trends for this kind of nail polish is picking up, particularly in the strong, feminine line of style. To complement these types of color, trim your nails short, rounding off the corners but still retaining an overall square shape. After applying the nail polish, finish off with two layers of lacquer to keep things glossy.

Minimally light
If you like lighter shades, check out whites and beiges, or creams and soft golds for a clean, fresh look. You can also add a bit of color with light rose shades or similar colors. Try experimenting by topping off the nail tips with faded colors that blend into the lighter ones.

A classic twist
French tips are a staying in trend no matter what season, but you can tailor a style favorite by giving it its own makeover for this fall. A contrast from its usual style, get a French manicure with muted nail bases, usually soft beige or cream and then use bold colors for tips. Try dark red, black, or even silver for really special occasions.

Bold patterns
Experiment with different nail textures. There are several nail art options available at department stores. Choose from croc textures, flowery prints, or rainbow colors—practically anything that catches your fancy. Try to choose patterns that go with an aspect or two of your outfit, just to create some consistency in your look.

Nail care tips
It’s undeniably fun to try out various nail colors and patterns and given the number of cool fall trends we have this year, you might try to burn through entire nail polish collections in just a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that constant application of nail polish will dry out your nail beds and make them brittle.

Argan oil and its rich supply of vitamins and antioxidants will both nourish and moisturize nail beds. In between nail polish applications, make an Argan oil-lemon extract soak and pamper your nails for a few minutes. This homemade nail spa won’t take very long, and it’ll keep your tips healthy and ready for the next shade you want to try.

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