Prevent Summertime from Leaving You with Damaged Skin

Summer Time Is When The Temperature Gets Too Hot That Our Skin Can Be Damaged

Now is the time to catch up on your summer skin care. Although it is not officially summertime yet, it is better to learn about common summer skin care mishaps so you can avoid committing them when the hot days of summer come along.

Here are some of the most common skin care mishaps during the summer time!

Popular Summer Skin Care Mishaps

  • The uneven skin tone! – Many have sported an uneven skin tone especially during and after the summer season. You can point your finger or put the blame on yourself as you most definitely have caused this yourself. The main culprit for an uneven skin tone is not applying sunscreen properly. When it comes to sunscreen lotions, you have to be generous. Don’t just use a pea-sized amount as you are used to with other facial creams and lotions. The rule in sunscreen lotion is the more and the more frequent, the better especially if you sweat a lot or would be in the water. Choose a sunscreen lotion with at least an SPF 15 and with UVB protection. Using a water resistant or waterproof sunscreen lotion is also ideal.
  • The dreadful body acne! – You probably would not want to bare much skin especially if you have body acne. This is definitely a summer stinker especially that they usually appear mostly on the back. Many would shy away from wearing their two-piece bikinis because of body acne. Sweat mixing with bacteria can result to body acne. Since during summertime, you would be sweating a lot and bacteria thrive where moisture is, body acne is a very likely possibility. To avoid getting body acne, you can use an antibacterial shower gel or a body wash with a salycilic acid base. Wear clean and breathable clothes to keep sweat away from your body. Remember to wipe off excessive sweat.
  • Dry and snakelike skin! – Getting into a hot shower is never a good idea for the skin as the heat strips away skin’s natural moisture. So skip the hot shower! You probably would always crank up your AC during summer time to cool down but this is another reason for dry skin as the cool temperature robs the humidity from the air. Chlorine and salt will also dry out your skin. To avoid getting dry and almost reptilian snake remember to moisturise. A great skin moisturiser is the Moroccan Argan oil. It contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids as well as Sterols which work together and individually to keep the skin moisturised. You can apply the Moroccan Argan oil after your shower in the morning and before going to bed. Remember to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells on the surface which roughens up the feel of your skin.
  • Too much oil on your face! – Does your face look like one can fry an egg on it? Too much heat can make your skin produce too much of its natural oil that your face can actually blind a person from its bright shine! Don’t make the mistake of overwashing your face to remove the oil as this would only trigger a counter-reaction which is to produce more oil to replace the oil you just washed off. To remove the shine off your face, just use blotting papers to get rid of the excess oil.

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