Preventing Acne Breakout for Teens

A lot of teens complain about acne breakouts. Pimples or zits are the most common type of acne that appears on a teen’s face or back. The reason for this is hormones. Surging hormones and testosterone during puberty causes acne breakouts. These skin blemishes cause irritation and embarrassment to most teens that is why solving this skin problem is important. Being stared at or worse being ridiculed for one’s acne causes low self esteem and inferiority among teenage boys and girls. If you are a teen or a concerned parent, breathe easily because there are ways of preventing acne breakouts saving one from discomfort in the future.


  • The right medication and treatments. Asking professional advice regarding which medications and treatments are suited best to control acne is one of the best ways to keep skin clear. Dermatologist recommended ointments, facial creams, antibacterial products, and antibiotics are effective in treating acne.
  • Proper hygiene. Keeping your skin clean and your hands clean are important in keeping acne breakouts away. Keeping the hands clean lessens the possibility of transferring bacteria to your face or back. Also, wash your face, back and chest regularly to keep them clean as well.
  • Sleep right. Having enough rest always does wonders to skin and the body. Teenagers love to stay up late hanging out with friends, watching a movie, talking on the phone, or studying. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day will help in the normal development of a teen’s body.
  • Exercise. Keeping the body moving helps to keep the body fit. This in turn helps to normalize hormones in the body lessening the chances of getting acne. Teens with hobbies that keep their bodies moving such as dancing, swimming, running, or any sport will help prevent acne breakouts.
  • Loading up on water. Water hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized. The skin, just like the other parts of the body, gets dehydrated too. Drinking lots of water will help avoid acne breakouts. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day is recommended, more for active teens.
  • Avoid bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol are acne’s helpers. These two vices keep acne breakouts going. Avoiding smoking and drinking will help keep breakouts away.
  • Using easy to use products. A teen can’t be expected to follow a complicated skin care routine. Application of several ointments and creams could be put aside for more interesting activities. That is why an all in one product is most appropriate for teens. Argan oil for example which is a good moisturizer and sunscreen for the skin, hair, and nails is an all in one product. It has the essential nutrients that teens need to prevent acne, lessen it, and help clear skin from acne scars. Parents and teens need not worry about complicated procedures as a few drops of argan oil applied to skin regularly will do wonders.
Being a teenager who is still not sure about himself is difficult as it is. Trying to fit in and finding out who he or she is should be enough stress. Adding acne to this mix is too much. Follow these tips and resolve your acne problems now.