Proper Foot and Toenail Care for the Winter

When it comes to the most used and abused body parts, the feet take the top spot. Every day, your feet takes a lot of beating from walking, running and supporting your body’s weight. It is only right that you give your feet proper care and pampering they deserve. By properly caring for your feet, you will avoid having to deal with fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot.

You should not forget about caring for your toenails properly too. Not only does a set of clean and well-cared for toenails desirable to look at, it will also prevent you from having chipped, cracked and spit toenails. And more importantly infections in the toenails which can be really painful.

This winter season, your feet will be covered in thick socks and boots. For some, this may seem like a good time to forego proper feet and toenail care, but this is absolutely wrong. Although you would not be exposing your feet and toenails to the public, you should still make sure that your feet and toenails are well cared for. You will be thankful that you did.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your feet and toenails during the colder months.

Foot and Toenail Care Guide for the Winter

  1. Wash your feet everyday. Don’t think that there is no need for washing your feet everyday since your feet are covered in socks and kept warm inside a pair of winter boots all day long. You still need to wash your feet every start of the day and before you hit the sack. The cold temperature brings in moisture to your coevered feet and a moist, dark and dirty environment is ideal for fungi to thrive. Make sure that washing the feet is a part of your daily routine to get rid of dirt, dust, and avoid the possibility of fungal infection.
  2. Keep your feet dry. After washing your feet, make sure that you pat your feet dry. As mentioned earlier, a moist and dark environment is where fungi thrive. So don’t ever wear socks and put on your pair of shoes with your feet still wet or damp. You’re just inviting trouble.
  3. Keep your feet moisturized. The cold, cold temperature can dry up the skin, most especially your feet. You should know that the skin on your feet is naturally dry as it does not have oil glands. It is the sweat glands that brings moisture to your feet. With really cold temperatures that last throughout the winter season, your feet won’t be sweating anytime soon. An excellent feet moisturizer is the Argan oil. Just a few drops of the oil applied on the soles of your feet will keep them moisturized. Argan oil is loaded with nutrients packed with powerful moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E, sterols, and essential fatty acids.
  4. Practice proper nail care. It is important that you care for your toenails properly too. Trim them when they get too long and keep them moisturized to avoid splitting, and cracking. Use Argan oil in moisturizing your toenails and cuticles.

Follow these feet and nail care tips all throughout this winter!

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