Proper Hair Care Techniques You Should Know About

Here are hair care tips that will help get you that healthy hair you want.

Avoid the Heat

When using your hair dryer, you should avoid having the hair dryer on its hottest setting. Too much heat can damage your hair strands so be kind to your hair when using the hair dryer. This is most especially when you are using another hot tool such as the flat iron with your hair dryer.

Blow Dry Basics

When blow-drying your hair see to it that your dryer is on warm setting only. You should also have the dryer at least 6-8 inches away from your locks. If you have been suffering from frizz after blow-drying your hair, all you need to do is point the airflow down on your hair shaft. You’ll be surprised just how effective this trick works in preventing frizz.

Rapunzel Hair Care

Rapunzel may have been able to grow her locks really long beautifully with such ease because it was magical but for us ordinary folks caring for long tresses can be a pain. But here are two tricks that will make things easier. When you have long locks you should have your hair trimmed on a regular basis, about every six to eight weeks. If your hair dries out, make sure that you condition your hair ends every other day.

Hair Care for Those Natural Lovely Curls

Want to revive your curls? Dry shampoo is the answer! All you need to do is spritz your hair and using your fingers, run them through like you were pulling your hair into a ponytail.

Say Bye Bye to Bad Habits

Smoking cigarettes, staying up until the wee hours, too much alcohol, bad eating habits as well as stress can damage your hair making them dull and prone to breakage. If you long to have beautiful hair then stay away or break away from your bad habits and learn how to manage stress.

Your Hair Brush

The kind of brush you use on your hair also matters. It is best to use a brush with natural bristles as they are more flexible and softer therefore kinder to your hair.

Fragile When Wet

Hair is most vulnerable and most prone to breakage when it is wet. So it is best to avoid too much brushing or combing of your hair when it is still wet. Don’t rub your hair vigorously with a towel to dry it. It is most advisable to air dry your hair and start combing when it is almost dry or already dry.

Cold Water Rinse

Rinsing your hair with cold water after conditioning it fights frizz. How? Cold water helps seal your hair cuticles therefore more moisture is prevented from entering the follicle which can result to frizz.

Going Straight

If you love straightening your locks, make sure that you first create a moisture barrier using an anti-frizz serum. To ensure that your hair strands are protected from damage while you’re styling, use a heat protectant.

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