Proper Skin Care for Healthy Skin

It is a sad fact how the skin is taken for granted by many. Some would look into the mirror, fix their hair, make sure their make-up is applied perfectly, look at their neatly polished nails, fix their clothes, and get matching shoes and accessories without even giving their skin a second look. There’s not much to do with the skin – wash it, pat dry it, and it’s ready to go – this is what most think. Unfortunately though the skin is part of the body and every part of your body needs care and love. Here are proper skin care necessities that will make your skin healthy.

Green Tea

Yes green tea does wonders for the body, the skin included. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory agent and it helps to heal the skin. Drinking green tea will help you get relief from skin inflammations and blemishes.


Hydrate your skin with at least 8 glasses of water per day. Drink enough water and never spell “dry” on your skin with your nails again. Keeping your skin hydrated will enable the skin to do its functions properly like protecting the body and keeping the temperature of the body in order.


Regular exercise will help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and form. Sagging skin often happens because skin doesn’t get enough exercise. Not only this, exercise also helps to improve circulation in the body and to shed away stress hormones. Exercise and have better skin and better mood!

The sun

The body as well as the skin needs healthy sunlight. Regular exposure to the sun will do your skin some good. Just avoid over exposure and avoid the sun from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Also take into account that whenever you step out of your home and into the sun, no matter what time, no matter what season – put on sunscreen for protection.

Beauty sleep

The skin needs to regenerate and this can successfully happen through healthy sleeping. Get enough rest at night and make sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours each day. When under a lot of stress at work, make sure you forget the stress at night and enjoy your bed with a healthy dose of sleep.

Argan oil

It is important to moisturize and what better way to do it than with argan oil. This natural oil that comes all the way from Morocco is making a name for itself because of its magnificent properties. Filled with vitamins and minerals that do heaps for the skin, argan oil is an easy to apply, no fuss beauty product. It is all natural too so it is best for all skin types. Argan oil will give the skin the moisture it so well deserves. Keep the skin healthy and happy with argan oil.

Caring for your skin is essential. Although it doesn’t seem important for many, you know it is needed. Take the time to care for your skin and reap the benefits of having young and fresh looking skin all the time.

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