Psoriasis Care for Spring Season

People suffering from psoriasis dread the winter season and long for warmer weather as cold temperatures can trigger psoriasis flare-ups. The spring and summer seasons do bring relief from psoriasis.

Sunlight is plentiful these seasons and spring time brings in higher humidity which helps improve dry skin. There is much to be happy about warmer weather especially when you have psoriasis but of course there are some concerns still and if you have psoriasis you better learn how you can fully take advantage of the warmer weather of spring and summer.

Sun Smartly
Sunlight improves psoriasis symptoms however one should know how to sun smartly. Over exposing your psoriatic skin under the sun can lead to a flare-up. During summer and spring, you should start with a 5-minute sun bathe every day. After a while you can add on that time. You can sun bathe for 15 minutes at most. Don’t go beyond this time limit as you’ll start getting sunburned. When you are sunbathing, remember to apply sunscreen lotion on your skin. However don’t lather on any on your psoriasis patches.

It is best to stay under the sun for only 15 minutes at most however if it can’t be avoided, you should lather on sunscreen lotion on your psoriasis patches as well. Make sure that you use a sunscreen that has been formulated for sensitive skin.

Take a Dip
Go ahead and swim in salt water as this helps slough off dead skin therefore improving the appearance of psoriasis. However, you should keep in mind that salt water, just like chlorinated water can dry up the skin and make it flaky. Remember to immediately rinse off after your swim and apply a gentle moisturizer right after.

Cool Down
Heat and sweat can worsen your psoriasis. Although air conditioning can help you against sweating, it can dry out the skin which is bad news for psoriasis. If it happens that you spend much time in air conditioned rooms, see to it that you always have with you a heavy cream or ointment moisturizer. Argan oil is great to have handy as the oil is packed with nutrients having moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols. Argan oil is also loaded with antioxidants which protect the skin from damage and also help in repairing damaged skin cells therefore promoting healing.

Choose Clothing that are Loose and Breathable
Loose and breathable clothing are highly recommended. Avoid wearing clothing that are rough to the skin since this can trigger a flare up. It is best to go with loose-fitting and sun-protective cotton clothing.

Protect Yourself from Insect Bites
You should avoid getting bitten by insects as psoriasis can be aggravated by insect bites. But before you lather on your insect repellent make sure that it does not contain DEET. A highly suggested alternative to insect repellent is wearing long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Insects are out and about at dusk so better be inside during this time. Citronella also keeps mosquitoes away. A citronella candle can help.

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