Psoriasis in Colder Months

For people suffering from psoriasis, summer is the most ideal season as it brings relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of their skin condition. When the fall season hits, the dropping temperatures can trigger the worsening of psoriasis.

Why Does Psoriasis Worsen During the Colder Months?

During the colder months psoriasis gets worse due to dry air and not getting too much UV rays from the sun. When the winter season comes, the days get shorter. And for people with psoriasis, this is a not so good news. The reason why the summer season brings relief to psoriasis patients is the sun’s UV rays. UV rays from the sun or UV light both have positive effects on psoriasis. During the colder months, we’re all covered up and we tend to hit the outdoors not too often which means less exposure to sun’s UV rays and such can aggravate psoriasis.

How can ultraviolet light help ease psoriasis? Experts believe that UV light actually helps in preventing skin cells from growing too quick, which is the very characteristic of this skin disorder. If you have psoriasis, you probably have already noticed that you experience flare-ups and worsening of your plaques when you don’t hit the outdoors that much.

During the fall and the winter seasons, the outdoor air lacks humidity and indoors, dry heat is what greets the skin. Both of these things rob the skin of its needed moisture leaving the skin dry. If there is one thing that people with psoriasis should always do that would be to keep their skin moisturised. Having dry skin can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis. To keep the skin moisturised, it is best to have a humidifier in your home and also regularly apply moisturiser.

Argan oil is a great skin moisturiser. Packed with essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Sterols, the oil will help keep the skin moisturized and consequently help prevent psoriasis from flaring up.

Getting a Good Dose of Needed UV Light

So how do you get a good dose of UV light during the colder months? Never ever consider going to a tanning salon. You’ll need the help of your doctor in this matter. Your doctor can recommend phototherapy. UVB light is proving to have the most benefits in treating psoriasis. Your doctor would take a good look at your symptoms and may recommend you for UVB exposure for a certain amount.

Another great option is to fly out to a tropical country. This would be a very ideal option as you can get relief from psoriasis and at the same time have fun exploring a new place and a different culture. Remember to not have too much fun under the sun as too much sun exposure can make your proriasis flare up! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily!

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