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How to Spot Pure Argan Oil

The benefits of argan oil are making headlines. Cosmetic companies, eager to capitalize on the excellent reputation of argan oil, are including it in everything from moisturizers to shampoos. Likewise, many companies are selling their own version of argan oil. Unfortunately, not all of these products are pure. It is vital to only buy pure argan oil, as only high quality oils give you the benefits you seek.

The Production of Pure Argan Oil

The Moroccan village of Argana is thought to be the home of the argan tree. The kernels inside the argan fruit are harvested from the fallen fruit of the argan tree. Local women, many of whom work in cooperatives, take on the arduous task of removing the meat from the fruit to find the kernels within the hard pit. These kernels are crushed and ground into a thick paste that is then pressed to create the oil we so desire.

Qualities and Benefits of 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil

Pure argan oil has numerous beneficial qualities that have been used by Moroccan women for hundreds of years. Argan oil balances skin oils and moisture. Daily use can make dry skin soft and supple while making oily skin clear and bright. Argan oil can naturally lift skin, smooth the appearance of wrinkles and cure under-eye bags.

Argan oil is an excellent hair treatment, creating a silky texture on even the most brittle hair. These are just a small example’s of the wonderful things a bottle of pure argan oil can do for you.

To enjoy these qualities, you must make sure that the argan oil you are using is pure. Argan oil has a cloudy appearance that is a golden yellow. It often has sediment at the bottom of the bottle. When you smell argan oil, it should have a very light nutty aroma.

Any argan oil that does not have sediment, is very light, has no smell or has a very strong smell has likely been overly processed or even mixed with other oils.


Disadvantages of Using Impure Argan Oil

There are discernible disadvantages to using impure argan oil. The oil itself will not have the restorative qualities that are prized by pure argan oil users. In fact, you could receive the opposite results you desire if the oil has been overly processed or is mixed with other ingredients.

Mineral oils create a barrier on the skin that doesn’t allow natural ingredients to seep through. Other oils may actually worsen acne.

How to Spot Pure Argan Oil

It is vital to ensure you are purchasing pure argan oil to reap all of the benefits. The easiest way to tell that your argan oil is pure is by reading the label. The ingredient list should say 100 percent argan oil. Some bottles may read 100 percent argania spinosa kernel oil. There should not be additives of any kind.

Likewise, the bottle should be glass and dark in color. Plastic argan oil bottles are likely filled with a lesser quality oil.

Last, you can generally tell if you are purchasing a lower quality oil if the price tag is extremely low. Any low cost argan oil bottles may not be pure as there is not easy, quick way to produce a high quality oil.

One hundred percent pure argan oil is an investment worth making. This oil can replace all of your moisturizers, serums and treatments for your skin, hair and nails. It is gentle enough to use on your eyes and lips but strong enough to create an immediate difference.

Choose your bottle of 100 percent pure argan oil now to see the difference this miracle oil can make for your skin.


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