Having A Dry Skin Is Not The End Of The Line

Quick Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Dry skin above everything else causes irritation. When your skin has a low amount of natural oils or sebum it loses its ability to retain moisture. Without enough moisture, your skin becomes dry. When dry, skin becomes itchy, cracked, and even blemished. Unhealthy skin caused by lack of moisture and caused by dryness makes skin look dull. Skin becomes unhealthy and with that comes even more troubles. It is very important then to cure dry skin as early as possible. This article will teach you to do just that. Here are quick ways to get rid of dry skin.

Reasons for dry skin:

Before anything else it would be good for you to know the underlying causes of your dry skin. This information will help you to solve your problem and make your skin healthier.

  • Hot water. When you constantly wash your skin with hot water your skin will have a tendency to dry up. This is because the hot water will dissolve the natural oils in your body making it dry.
  • Look into your soap. Your soap could also be the culprit. Some soaps have harmful ingredients that lead to drying skin. Use gentle soaps with added moisturizing effects to resolve this.
  • The weather. Winter and summer where there is extreme cold and extreme heat tends to dry up your skin even more quickly than on other seasons. Take extra care of your skin during these times.
  • Look into your medications. Some medicines that you could be taking may have a drying side effect to your skin. Meds such as diuretics could be the cause for quicker disposal of water in your body. Ask your doctor about the possible effects of your medications.

Get rid of dry skin with these tips:

Now that you have figured out the cause or causes of your dry skin, it is time for you to resolve them.

  • Bathing, washing of hands, cleaning of face should not be done with hot water. Use lukewarm water at most. Also avoid frequent washing of face and bathing as this will remove natural oils quicker. For frequent hand washing make sure you put lotion or moisturizer on your hands right after every wash.
  • You should always drink a lot of water. The body is made up of a lot of water. When you perspire, pee, and do your everyday activities – water is removed from your body which causes dryness. Replace this water by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. Replace alcoholic beverages, coffee, and even sweetened juices with natural water for better skin.
  • Use an effective moisturizer. Probably one of the best moisturizers you can try is argan oil. Called as the “liquid gold” of Morocco, argan oil can lock in moisture in your skin. Not only this, argan oil also helps in giving skin a lot the nutrients it needs. Antioxidants which are helpful in keeping skin young and wrinkle-free are present in this oil.

For better looking skin and for moisturized skin, you should always be conscious about drinking enough water and moisturizing. Take into consideration the temperature of water you use for bathing and cleaning yourself and see better skin in no time.


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