Which Body Parts Age The Fastest?

Aging is a natural process that everyone must go through. You might have grey hair as early as your 30s, which makes you think about other body parts that are obviously growing old. Get familiar with the body parts that age fast so that you can give them some extra care through the years.

1. Décolleté Or Upper Chest

You might concentrate on your face for most of your morning beauty regimen, but drop your eyes down to the upper chest. The location where your necklace hangs is referred to as the décolleté. This area quickly ages because it’s often exposed to the sunlight each day.

V-neck, scoop-neck and other blouses expose this area for style reasons. You may not wear sunscreen on this area each day, however. Certain aging signs pop up over time, including:

• Lines

• Freckles

• Wrinkles

Wear sunscreen or cover this area when you’re out in the sun. Systematic exposure to the elements will bring on aging at a rapid pace.

2. Back Of The Hands

Lotion across the interior of your hands doesn’t make up for the neglect that the backside receives. Dry conditions, lines and freckles develop on the back of the hands as early as 30 or 40 years old.

Try adding argan oil into your daily beauty regimen. Rub it onto your skin with the same intensity as everyday lotion. Allow the oil to absorb into the tissues. You may want to wear gloves so that you can carry on with daily tasks as you care for your hands.

This oil has anti-aging properties that benefit anyone who uses the product on a regular basis.

3. Eyelids And Surrounding Skin

Your eyes have several tissue structures surrounding them, including:

• Brows

• Eyelids

• Skin to the side and below the eye

Although you may not notice it, your eyes are constantly moving. The surrounding tissue receives a workout as a result. Fine lines and drooping skin are the result of an aging eye area.

Use argan oil again in order to turn back the hands of time. It has skin-healing properties that can fend off aging for a short time period.

4. Elbows

The elbows take the brunt of daily activities as you lean, rub or strike them on surfaces. Your body responds by creating a calloused skin area along the elbow. Over time, this extra skin also develops wrinkles and a loose appearance.

Give your elbows a makeover by applying argan oil to them. Rub it in and allow the oil to remain in place for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Regularly apply the oil, and you’ll see a marked change in the skin.

5. Hair Texture

Your hair doesn’t just turn grey with age. You’ll also see other issues, such as:

• Wiry texture

• Frizzy shape

• Split ends

Your beauty solution is in argan oil. Add a few drops of oil to your hair before a shower. Allow the oil to work its way into the hair shaft. Rinse it out and shower like normal. After your hair dries, you’ll see a shinier texture with better manageability.

Don’t hide these facts from your loved ones. Share this article, and everyone will have a chance to try out different anti-aging strategies. From daily exercise to applying argan oil, these habits help you fight off the aging process for many years.