The Most Common Cause Of Adult Acne Is Stress

Reasons and Causes of Adult Acne

Once over the teenage years, men and women think that the acne stage has also gone by. Unfortunately though, this is not the case for some adults. Women seem to be the chief sufferers of adult acne, having pimples and breakouts when they thought they have already outgrown acne. This is not something women want to see as beauty is something women strongly search for.

What causes adult acne? Read on and understand adult acne and its causes.

  • Medications and Birth Control Pills. Certain medications make hormones sky rocket which causes acne outbreaks. On the other hand discontinuation of birth control pills also discontinues the regular supply of estrogen and progestin hormones contained in the pills. Birth control pills keeps acne from appearing, suddenly stopping it would trigger acne to act up.
  • Hormonal Changes. When women have hormonal changes, say before a woman gets her monthly cycle, acne breaks out. Aside from the monthly cycle, their hormonal changes would happen during pregnancy and menopause. These hormonal changes affect sebum production in a woman’s body which affects the acne outbursts during these periods in a woman’s life.
  • Some Cosmetics May Cause Acne. Reaction to certain cosmetics causes acne to appear in an adult’s life. Cosmetics that are non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic should be seen in a product label to make sure that a cosmetic product will not cause acne. Using natural products such as argan oil is also a great solution. 100% pure argan oil has no harmful substances that could cause acne breakouts. More important, argan oil keeps sebum levels to a normal level, cleans pores effectively which avoids clogs, and helps regenerate skin faster to heal acne scars. Using argan oil to moisturize an adult’s skin will not only make skin healthy but it will also clear skin from acne.
  • Adult Stress. Everyday stress from work and colleagues may cause acne. Not having enough rest could make stress worse and acne breakouts more rampant. Make sure to incorporate rest and fun into your life. Find good friends to help calm you down on busy and stressful days. Have a vacation once in a while and learn to unwind despite your busy schedule.
  • Medical Issues. Underlying medical issues may be an adult’s reason for acne breakouts. Especially when acne is accompanied by a sudden change in head and facial hair, irregular periods, and other symptoms, adult acne may be brought about by an underlying medical condition. Conditions such as having a tumor, glandular problems, and cysts in the ovaries should be investigated by a doctor. Remember, for multiple symptoms and body changes, always seek the advice of a physician.
Knowing these reasons will help every adult with acne breakouts to figure out what causes their skin to have acne. Once reason is known, appropriate measures to solve the problem may be taken into consideration. Every adult deserves to have clear and smooth skin, so know what causes your acne and get the solution that would be most effective to solve your adult acne problems.


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