Red Grouper Drizzled with Moroccan Argan Oil

Want to feed yourself a very healthy meal? Think steamed fish drizzled with Moroccan Argan oil! This is so easy to prepare and the best news is that it tastes very delicious! In this recipe, we’ll be steaming the Red Grouper.

Since many of us rely on fast food chains for our meals because of the busy lifestyle we lead, we have ignored our health. Fast food chain meals are usually swimming in oil and are very unhealthy. Our unhealthy eating and unhealthy lifestyle have lead to a literally large problem. Obesity is one of the major problems that the western world is facing. Obesity can lead to serious complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and even death. It’s time to go back to the healthy track and one of the simplest things we can do is start eating healthy meals.

Steamed Red Grouper with Moroccan Argan Oil

You don’t need to be a whiz in the kitchen to pull this healthy dish. You’d be on your way to your local grocery store to shop for the ingredients. If this would be the first time you’d be shopping for fish and fresh produce, you would not have such a hard time finding what you’ll need. Just ask your friendly local grocer to point you which aisle you need to go.

The Ingredients

Lets get on with the ingredients!

  • Red Grouper – How big the red grouper would depend on how many people you would be serving the dish. Make sure that you be very picky when choosing the fish. The fish must be fresh. Fresh fish does not smell bad and has clear eyes. If you don’t like seeing fish with its face, have the groper filleted. I got used to fish served with its head still attached and its eyes glaring at me.
  • Salt – Use enough to season the fish with.
  • Ginger – For an inviting aroma, you’ll need ginger. You would need the ginger for steaming and for your ginger sauce.
  • Black Pepper – You can do with or without this spice.
  • Spring Onions – Celebrate the spring with some spring onions on your dish. This gives your steamed fish and your ginger sauce a lovely additional flavour.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – This oil will give your steamed red grouper dish a healthier boost. It is packed with essential fatty acids which is good for the brain and heart. It is packed with potent antioxidants such as Vitamin E.
  • Olive Oil – 1/4 cup will do.

Preparing the Dish

  • Rinse the fish and season with salt. Sprinkle the fish with crushed pepper, if you like.
  • Place your fish on a plate or a baking tray.
  • Crush some of your ginger and place them on top of the fish or around the baking tray.
  • Get your steamer ready and place the fish inside. Steam for about 30 minutes.
  • Drizzle with Argan oil once fish is cooked.
  • To prepare the ginger sauce, just mince some ginger and season it with salt. Heat the olive oil. Once the oil is heated pour it on the ginger and voila!

You can serve spring onions as garnish on the fish and with ginger sauce.

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