Relationship Advice: How to Make a Partnership Work

When you want to make a relationship work, it is best not to immediately or just randomly take all the suggestions or any advice you hear and read as most definitely you are bound to run into some issues. What you should do is take a look at the different things that will help you move forward with your relationship the easy way.

There are key aspects that you should take a look at and use to ensure that the things you do keep you on the track of improving your and your partner’s shared life.


Sometimes because of familiarity or being together for many years, we tend to forget about some of the aspects of our relationship that we made sure we worked on.  If you are having problems with your relationship right now, don’t worry too much as all relationships do run into some problems along the way and you can run into a few more bumps in the future.

It Takes Two to Tango

The first key into making a partnership work is you and your loved one’s willingness to sort out your differences. It has been said that it takes two to tango and you should remember this in any partnership. You can’t make a relationship work if one of you no longer wants it to work. It’s called a partnership for a reason.

Here are a few important relationship advice.

Work on Your Appearance – Most of the time many couples no longer work on their appearance. This is true for both men and women. You should still make an effort to look good for your partner. Hit the gym, run or walk, eat right, do your hair, dress up etc to look good. When you look good you feel good about yourself. This avoids insecurity that most of the time turns into insane jealousy.

Mind Your Way of Arguing – It is natural for couples to argue. It is not ideal to bottle things up as when you have had too much of keeping things to yourself even the smallest issue becomes a big one and one day, you will just explode and you’ll end up picking the pieces. Couples should see to it that they talk things out (even the smallest issue) and make a deal to never go to bed angry or without making up. Both of you should be willing to compromise at times. Don’t let your pride get in the way all the time. Have the grace to admit your fault if you are at fault. Don’t get into a screaming fit or say things that you would regret.

Have One Date Night Every Week – Set aside a night that you can spend time with each other. Your date night can either be a stroll in the park, romantic dinner, movie night or doing anything that you two both enjoy. Having a date night will help keep the fire of romance burning. You should keep in mind that routine is a romance killer so make sure that you keep things lively and fun.

Never Assume – When it comes to your relationship, you are the expert so don’t get swayed easily by what you hear and read. Not all relationship advice will work for every couple. You know your partner and yourself best so you are the expert on your relationship and not anyone from outside that relationship. Pay attention to the things going on and never ever assume anything. Good communication plays a major role in making relationships work.

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