Remain Vibrant and Healthy Even After Your Golden Years!

As we start aging, our skin will show its effects. However, the entire body as well as the mind are affected by aging. We’ve seen several elderly people that are still vibrant and healthy even after their golden years. What’s their secret? Read on!

Keep Your Brain Working

Living a long life is one thing but living a long and vibrant life is something that anyone of us would prefer to have. To achieve this, one needs to have a sharp mind. The brain is a muscle. If you don’t exercise your brain just like what would happen to any muscle in your body, it would be sluggish and more prone to diseases. Several studies revealed that women who kept challenging their brains and explored other areas of interests aside from their field of work had fewer instances of the disease known as Alzheimer’s. Autopsy analysis also revealed that even if a certain brain showed signs of Alzheimer’s disease, the effects were not obvious in the women who kept their brain working.

Work the Body Out

You need to make your body sweat if you want to live a long and robust life! So don’t be all lazy and playing couch potato all day or all weekend long. If you want to slow down the effects of aging on your body and mind, you need to commit yourself to doing regular exercise and by regular we mean at least three times a week. Aerobic exercise is recommended for anyone who wants to seriously slow down the effects of aging. As we age, we start losing our stamina, strength in our muscles, balance as well as bone density. Doing regular exercise can combat these effects of aging on the body.

Feed Your Body Antioxidants

Free radicals are known culprits of aging and diseases related to aging. Antioxidants on the other hand can neutralise free radicals before they cause any havoc. This is the reason why you need to feed your body antioxidants. Where can you get antioxidants? You can either get them from food sources or supplements. Dark-coloured vegetables such as carrots, squash and spinach are loaded with antioxidants specifically Carotenoids. Fruits such as blueberries and purple berries are packed with the antioxidant flavanoids. Other great sources of antioxidants include tomatoes, strawberries and dark leafy greens. It is also advisable to take supplements of antioxidants such as capsules of Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Love the Skin with Products Packed with Antioxidants

Moroccan Argan oil is loaded with antioxidants! It holds the highest concentration of Vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant. Other antioxidants found in the oil are Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Ferulic acid. These nutrients in the oil will keep the effects of aging on the skin at bay. The Moroccan Argan oil will not just prevent the signs of skin aging from taking over, it also has the ability to minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes as well as scars. This is because it holds several nutrients that promote cell regeneration. Its Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols, Squalene and Polyphenols work individually and together to trigger cell regeneration therefore giving you softer and more youthful skin!

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