Remember these Dos of Nail Care

Wearing a pretty set of nails can make a world of difference on how we feel. It’s quite strange how such a trivial thing can uplift one’s spirits. When it comes to a pretty set of nails, most would just think of having a mani. So off we go to the salon and have our nails done and we are ready to show off our gorgeous set of nails. But your nails deserve more caring than your salon trips.

To better care for your nails here are some dos of nail care.

Dos of Nail Care

  • Ridge fillers or polish should coat the outside of your nails. This coat is a must-do as it helps protect the nails. By doing this you can avoid breakage and nail splits while your nails still have its mani.
  • Moisturize the cuticles. This is another must-do as keeping the cuticles moisturized will avoid breakage and peeling which would be bad for your nail matrix. The Moroccan Argan oil is a great nail and cuticle moisturizer. Packed with nutrients having moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and sterols, regularly coating or soaking your nails with the oil will keep both the nails and cuticles moisturized.
  • Do wear protection. When you are doing your gardening chores, washing the dishes or the laundry, wear rubber gloves to keep your nails and cuticles protected.
  • Use your nails in the office with care. You might not notice this but your nails and your cuticles get battered with simple office work. When you file away documents, open letters with your nails and you type on your computer, your nails and cuticles are taking a beating. So work while being mindful of your nails. It is best to use a letter opener instead of ripping the envelope with your nails and when typing use the flat area of the fingers and not the nails.
  • Lather on hand cream every now and then. This is especially after your hands have been in contact with water. When lathering on the cream on your hands, don’t forget about the cuticle area.
  • Applying sunscreen is another must-do. Don’t forget about your hands and of course your cuticles when applying sunscreen. Many of us forget that the nails can be damaged by the sun too. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen after every wash.
  • Clean your nail tools. A good percentage of us forget the importance of cleaning our nail tools. Well, it is high time we start remembering that dirty nail tools can cause infection. Don’t let bacteria fungi and other microbes thrive on your nail tools. Remember to get a new nail file every so often too.
  • Disinfect! If you have tears or cuts on the cuticles, make sure that you disinfect them. You can easily get antibacterial ointments from your local drugstore. Infections on your nails can be unsightly and can lead to a bigger serious problem.

Do your nails good by following these tips. Remember to share these tips to everyone you know through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail!

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