Repair Summer Damage with Argan Oil!

The Harsh Heat Of The Sun Can Damage Our Beauty

If there is one thing you’ll need for your hair and skin all throughout the year, that wouuld be Argan oil! Summer indeed spells tons of fun! But all that sun, sand and surf can give our skin and hair a good battering and come fall season you may not be looking all that lovely. To revitalise and revive your beauty, we have listed some tips here!

Repairing Summer Damage

The summer season can be a lot of fun and adventure but your skin and hair can get really battered. So repairing summer damage is essential!

For Your Crowning Glory

Bring back moisture!
It is about time that you bring back moisture to your hair. You will need to give your crowning glory a deep conditioning treatment at least every week. A great deep conditioner is the Moroccan Argan oil. Its essential fatty acids (EFAs) and Sterols will lock in moisture to your hair. The EFAs are also nourishment to the roots and pores of your hair which strengthens the protein bonding structure of your mane. If the summer season has given you split ends, regular conditioning of your hair with this oil will definitely cure this hair trouble.

Packed with Vitamin E, the oil will help repair the damage that the sun, wind and sea gave your hair. Aside from Vitamin E, the oil often called as the liquid gold of Morocco is loaded with other antioxidants such as Ferulic acid, Polyphenols and Carotenoids. These antioxidants will help protect your hair from damage at a cellular level.

How to condition the hair with Moroccan Argan oil
You can use this oil as a regular conditioner while in the shower. For deep conditioning, massage the oil onto your scalp and wrap your head with a warm towel then leave it overnight. Rinse with shampoo the following day. You can also use the oil as a leave-in conditioner.

For Your Skin

You’ll need to give your skin some good loving after all that fun in the sun, sand and surf.

Be gentle with your skin
When the fall season hits, the weather would tend to be more dry which just means that the skin can get drier than usual too. You may want to reset your skin care routine to match the elements of the season. A mild cleanser for the face and a mild body wash or soap should be in your bathroom.

Love your skin with Argan Oil
You will also need a potent moisturiser during this drier season. The liquid gold of Morocco will moisturise the skin deeply. Essential fatty acids and Vitamin E both have moisturising properties and these two are found in the oil. Sterols in the oil will also help retain moisture in the skin. Squalene is another component of the oil that will help moisturise the skin deeply.

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