Our Health Can Be Reflected To Certain Body Parts

Revealing Your Health Through Your Hands

If you really think about it, our body manifests sickness or good health through its different parts. The hands for example and the changes it undergoes is like a blueprint of our health. Of course a healthy body would normally have healthy looking hands while certain health problems would tend to show signs and symptoms through them as well. Let us look closer into our hands and find out what our body is telling us about our health.


If you want to get a better idea of how your health is, it is best to look at your body parts. For your hands for example, looking into your fingers, nails, and palms can help to learn more about your health. There are different hand signals that could be red flags telling you that something is wrong with your health.


If the swelling of your fingers is abnormal – meaning you are not a fan of salty foods and your period is not about to come, swollen fingers could be brought about by hypothyroidism. This is an imbalance in one’s hormones which are needed for metabolism. When the thyroid gland does not produce enough of these hormones, the body will not be able to function properly. Hypothyroidism could cause several problems like fatigue and even heart failure for extreme levels. Get yourself a simple blood test to know if you have a hypothyroidism problem.


Reddened palms could be because of several things. An allergic reaction could be one culprit and chronic skin disorders could be another. Itchy, burning, and red palms could be caused by eczema, a type of skin disorder. Stress and chemicals could be triggering factors to this skin condition. It is important then to be able to relieve yourself from stressors and to use natural ingredients in your skin. Argan oil for example is an all natural oil that could help to lessen the irritation brought about by eczema. A few drops of this oil will help to protect the skin and keep it smooth and healthy.


Normally, pressing your fingernails down would make it white. Releasing it should make your nails turn right back to pink. When the white color remains white for more than a minute though, this could mean that you could be suffering from anemia or low iron. If anemia is suspected, it is best to have yourself checked by a doctor. Rev up on iron rich foods like liver, lean meats, dark green vegetables, and legumes.


Nails that are discolored like those that are dark-yellow in color could be caused by fungus. Fungal infections could be dangerous to your body. Not only this, discolored nails could also be due to diabetes. Having your blood checked, eating healthily, and watching out your sugar intake would help your diabetes problem.

Because the hands are vital in knowing the status of your health, it would be wonderful if you would take good care of them. Your skin, your nails, your fingers, and your palms show more than you think. So take it slow and learn more through your hands.


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