Rock Even When You’re in Your 50’s!

Who says you have to be in your twenties to worry about your skin? For women in their fifties, keeping the body healthy is ever important. This includes the largest organ of the body which is of course the skin.

The aging process heralds a new set of changes for your skin. You are more likely to develop dry and sagging skin that is more prone to tearing. Dark spots would also come in the picture. This isn’t to say every woman will manifest these changes. External conditions and genetics would play a role, but to some degree and at some point, your skin will lose its previous smoothness and suppleness. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your skin healthy and bring back some years of youthfulness.

Makeup tips
It’s ideal to stick to minimal makeup as you age, while paying careful attention to the substances that touch your skin. Avoid using blush on your cheekbones—it’ll give you a gaunt, pinched look. Focus the blush instead on the apples of your cheeks. Experiment with different blends to get the most vibrant and yet natural look for you. Use makeup that will accentuate your best features, instead of concealing any skin defects—the latter should come as a bonus. Also, your makeup should contain SPF protection for your skin.

Prepare to see hair
You’re going to notice increased bouts of hair growth in certain places. This is caused by hormonal fluctuations, and while initially perplexing, this is actually pretty normal. No harm is caused by the hair growth and the decision to leave the hair as it is or shave it off completely is yours alone—just do whatever makes you at ease with your body.

Update your style
This doesn’t mean you need to replace your whole wardrobe with the latest releases in the fashion industry. Look up what the current trends are and get creative with your present clothes and accessories collection. Change up your hairstyle or shoes, or buy yourself a new top or two. Stay updated with present day’s styles and you’ll look and feel great.

Drink lots of water
Your skin will lose its natural elasticity and start feeling a bit dry and droopy. Help your skin by drinking plenty of water and don’t forget to moisturize regularly. Argan oil is particularly effective at locking in moisture, at the same time nourishing skin with its high sources of nutrients and antioxidants. Go no holds barred on your skin care regimen. Add in Argan oil to your routine. The effort will be well worth it.

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