Say Goodbye to Winter Skin Itch

Itchiness Leads To Scratching Which Leads To Ruined Skin

During winter most of us are busy keeping ourselves dry and warm. The cold season seems to suck up the life in most things and it can sometimes make the mood dreary. For people suffering from dry skin, nothing can be more annoying than the cold weather.

When the winter season is up the skin will become drier. This is because of the low humidity during this season. Low humidity means there’s less moisture in the air. During this cold season we can also experience harsh dry winds which batter the skin badly.

If you suffer from dry skin during the winter season you are probably familiar with how annoying the winter skin itch can be. This condition of the skin is quite uncomfortable. The great news is there are ways on how you can combat skin dryness during the winter season keeping it moisturised and avoiding the winter skin itch.

The first thing you want to make sure of is that you are using the right moisturiser for the winter season. You should go for oil moisturisers such as Argan oil because oil traps moisture in the skin better than water based moisturisers. However the main reason you should use Argan oil is because of its components.

This oil contains unsaturated essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Sterols, Carotenoids, Ferulic acid and Prostaglandins which are all good food for the skin. Because of these components, the oil is a very good remedy for dry skin and also an anti aging remedy.

Let us take a closer look at the benefits of this oil.

  • The unsaturated essential fatty acids benefits the skin by preventing premature skin aging and stopping the development of fine lines.
  • Its Prostaglandins which is an anti inflammatory is helpful in cell development and growth.
  • This oil is packed with Vitamin E which is effective in stopping skin aging in its track. Vitamin E is also nourishment for the skin cells. Stretch marks and wound scarring are also prevented because of its high levels of Vitamin E.
  • Sterols keep the skin cell’s membranes healthy and retain the moisture in the skin.
  • Ferulic acid is an anti aging component and protects the skin from the harsh effects of UV rays.
  • Carotenoids is also an anti aging component of the oil and also a protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Using the right moisturiser is just one way to combat dry skin but there are other skin care steps that you should do to prevent your skin from drying out during the cold season.

Winter Skin Care Tips

  • Although the weather may be cold don’t use hot water in bathing or washing your face. Opt for lukewarm water when bathing or washing the face.
  • Do not also over wash. Many people tend to do this. Squeaky clean is not good for the skin. Over cleaning the skin will only dry it out especially that the weather is cold.
  • After showering or bathing pat dry yourself with your towel then immediately apply moisturiser.
  • You should also exfoliate at least once in a week. Exfoliating removes dead and dry skin.

Keep your skin healthy during the winter with these skin care tips.

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